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Feb 28

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7rent -
Acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and Aussie singer-songwriter, Tash Sultana, returns with a powerfully eclectic second record.

I never intended on listening to this album and not because I wasn't interested in it, but because I currently am in nursing school with only the weekends to listen to new music, and I make efforts to prioritize what music I wanna check out. I had never listened to Tash Sultana's music before and so this was me jumping off a roof, blindfolded, into a pool in the middle ... read more

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7rent -
Second half of this project is where it really shines. Really dope anatolian-tinged synthpop. Beats the tar out of the new KGLW records, tbh.

Favorite Tracks: Yuce Dag Basinda, Kesik Cayir, Kara Toprak, Sevda Olmasaydi, Macka Yollari, Yekte, Esmerim Guzelim

Least Favorite Track: Bulunur Mu
7rent -
Okay... I have been waiting on this record since Turn Out The Lights came out.... I love Julien Baker, and I cannot stand the comparisons to Phoebe Bridgers. So please, stop them lol. Yes they work together and have boygenius but they don't make the same music at all.

Julien has always needed very little to get her point across. Her voice and lyrics alone are soul-crushing. Normally with a piano or singular guitar, it packs enough of an emotional punch to move you to the hottest tears you've ... read more
7rent -
Raw and rough indie rock record with lots to work on, but lots to look forward to.

Favorite Tracks: Nothing Without You, The Spirit Of, Open Rain, It's Love, A Longer Moon

Least Favorite: The Room It Was
7rent -
Maybe it is more of a cohesive listen than K.G. but in no way is it the better album than K.G.

King Gizz & The Jizz Wizz release a mid album, a mostly b-sides collection from an album that was already kind of a b-sides album to Microtonal Flying Bananaanana Monkey, whatever it was called.

Favorite Tracks: O.N.E., Supreme Ascendancy, See Me

Least Favorite: Pleura
7rent -
Non-serious take: Eminem if he was the frontman of early Linkin Park.

Serious take: Beats, or whatever you call these, go so fucking hard. Eminem influence is still there, but that may just be because he is a white dude rapping in an aggressive, energetic, lyrical-miracle tone.

For the most part, the beats are definitely carrying, but there could be something here if the production remains consistent....and if the first half didn't suck.

Favorite Tracks: Fade Out, In My Hands, Tragedy, The ... read more
Feb 5, 2021
Honestly thanks! I'm so glad you decided to discuss to me about the album, I have a lot of respect for your reviews because of how clear your words are! Anyways, just thanks for spending the time to tell me more about one of your favourite albums :)!

And the shoutbox allows me to see it so hi! Again, thanks for replying.
Feb 4, 2021
Why do you believe who will cut our hair when we're gone is an 100? I'm genuinely curious since I love the record but never really feel it reached its full potential as an album.
Oct 26, 2020
hello friend, you have excellent taste
Oct 22, 2020
I'll definitely check it out, thank you so much.
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you'll see albums here you all love and know, or maybe some that you don't care for/hate/never heard of. With all that being said, here is my list in progress. it is kinda/kinda not in perfect ...
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