BeebosSon -
Considering the quality of DaBaby's albums its not surprise to me that this album is severely lacking. The only song that stood out was Find My Way, and being that it inst even original in any way decreases the value of the album. (The audio hook was taken from Marshmello and Anne Maries hit "Friends") All of the feature are forced, the best of those bring his project with Roddy Ricch. There's not much to be said about the album besides what has been said.
BeebosSon -
I don't have much to say, but i will say this. I have never liked Muse, and i never will. My mom loves Muse and still to this day plays all of there music. I personally never warmed up to them at all. His voice along with the techno, orchestral, hard borderline metal style has turned me off to them from the beginning. Now, when done right that sound can be amazing. But this half-ass mashup has had bad consequences.
BeebosSon -
DaBaby has mastered his style with this album. A lot of his content beforehand was nothing like his more recent stuff. He really has in his own way made his own category of Hip-hop. Punchy 808's and catchy hooks made into a simple beat, while his lyrical style and flow make it easy for one to listen to his music. As i've said before, this man is gonna go far.
BeebosSon -
Highly disappointed. This feels like they were trying to make a soundtrack for an 80's teenage high school romance movies, but ended up with a 2015 teenage romance box office bomb. With the first two songs "Hard Times, and Rose Colored Boy" but only barely making the cut for that style. While I dont think its a bad album, i was just expecting a little better of them. Bands change as times change, but bands need to change for the better, not the worse. Hopefully their next project has ... read more
BeebosSon -
John Mayer is literally a god. This is by far the best live performance I have ever had the privilege of listening to. We have in the first acoustic section starting out with the kick in the balls, guitar genius of 'Neon'. Expertly performed and excellent vocals on top of that. Then onto the heartwarming reminiscent songs of 'Stop This Train' to 'Daughters' to 'Free Fallin', and one of my favorite songs of all time, 'In Your Atmosphere'. "I'd die if i saw you, I'd die if I didn't see you ... read more
BeebosSon -
Just OK. Blink-182 has been a recant favorite of mine, but NINE is very much lacking. Known for their simplistic lyrical style Blink-182 is an essential for pop punk lovers. that being said the lyrical flow of this album is the most lacking. Every song is talking about the same thing, some girl that he loves and lost, and has the same cadence and flow. And the fact theyre adding trap beats to it now is an ALL TIME LOW.(hehe... get it? im so funny) The short one minute songs 'Ransom' and ... read more
BeebosSon -
What complete CRAP. Fall Out Boy has fallen far from their glory days of Infinity On High, Foile a Deux, and Save Rock and Roll. I knew this was going to be less than stellar from the singles but i did not expect it to be this... just... bad. This is an uninspired mess that feels an album to shut up their record label and an insult to true fans. Its evident Fall Out Boy is trying to kill rock and roll, not save it. From 'Young And Menace' to 'The Last of The Real Ones' is a complete mess. The ... read more
BeebosSon -
Twenty One Pilots best album so far. These guys have kind of the same story for me with Coldplay. I didn't listen to them all that much and really wasn't my cup of tea. But a friend of mine dogged me into listening to it, and I was not disappointed at all. This LP is loaded with instant classic gems like Jumpsuit, My Blood, Nico And The Niners, Chlorine, and Neon Gravestones. already almost half the album. The Multiple hit singles didn't take away from the rest of the album like some LP's tend ... read more
BeebosSon -
DaBaby really went into it for this LP. The death of his father and other events surrounding his life and his thoughts and feelings behind them while talking about enjoying his life and living it came through here. After the smash hit 'Suge', DaBaby shows hes not a 'one hit wonder'. His articulate and deep lyrical style are bound to keep DaBaby on the Hip-Hop scene for a long time, while having an excellent career.
BeebosSon -
I have praise this album. This was the first album I ever listened to through and through. This album is the reason i started actively listening to music. I absolutely fell in love with Panic! At The Disco after. Now that I revisit this album a couple years after its release, while I am not disappointed, I am not as completely excited about Death of a Bachelor. This album is if Frank Sinatra hit a lick and said, "Screw it, lets mix big band, rock and put some 8O8's on this MFer!!!" ... read more
BeebosSon -
Before this album, I never liked Coldplay. I thought their music was unnecessarily popular, and honestly annoying. While having some shining moments musically like on 'Fix You' I did not like them at all. But this album has completely changed my opinion on Coldplay. This album is complete and rare genius. Never have I been so emotionally influenced and attached to an album. Musically on songs such as Church, Trouble In Town, Arabesque, track six on Sunset (sorry, i don't know how to spell that ... read more
BeebosSon -
'Jesus Is King' feels like Kanye West isn't taking us seriously. Songs like 'Closed on Sunday' give the impression of uninspired comedy music. Leave that for Weird Al. Overall inconsistent and just plain bad. This is not what "Rap Gospel" should be, and just because he's Kanye doesn't mean he sets the standard.
BeebosSon -
This was not what I was expecting at all. I guess its what happens when you altogether skip the second album, but it feels like they completely disregarded their first album trying to make something new out of nothing. Only two songs really sounded like anything. This album would be so much better for me if it was done by a different artist.
BeebosSon -
Its a different sound from the rest of her albums, going a little more mainstream with the singles off this album particularly 7 rings, thank u, next, and break up with your girlfriend, im bored. But it really works. You can hear how heartbreak and loss have shaped her into the awesome artist she is today. Highlights were needy, bad idea, ghostin, and thank u, next.
BeebosSon -
I enjoyed this album. It covered relationship struggles, feelings toward ones self, and global issues that need to be resolved. the feeling behind this album really came through I believe.
BeebosSon -
This album is one of my favorite albums released in 2018. Pure genius. It takes you on an everlong roller coaster like, emotionally charged masterpiece while managing to hold onto his roots. This album is one of the few albums I can listen to top to bottom over and over and still feel the emotional power behind every track. Highlights for me were Everything Matters (When It Comes To You), Lift Me From The Ground, Show Me, Love (wip), and Vestal Avenue.
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