Paramore - After Laughter
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2017 Ratings: #27 / 887
Year End Rank: #49
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2017 Ratings: #71
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An album that’s ultimately OK with not being OK, it’s for that reason alone that it may just be perfect.

Album five is different. The band are still a band but there are no brave faces here. There’s no hiding behind an idea, or pretending because you have to. Instead ‘After Laughter’ is ok with not being ok.


This isn’t simply about Paramore producing what feels like the best pop album of the year. Sharing everything, it’s hard to think of another band on this scale who offer such honesty on such a grand scale.

God Is in the TV

For their fifth album, After Laughter, they’ve almost completely shed their emo rock past completely and blossomed into one of the finest pop bands around.


An undeniably hooky record that strays from its grunge-rock roots and finds the band in a place where they’ve found the fun in their craft once again.


With 'After Laughter,' Paramore take the retro '80s step a lot of bands are taking without stumbling, delivering one of the year's best pop albums.


They definitely haven’t perfected this new sound yet, but for the first time since their debut we can look at Paramore and truly say they are doing something different.


Despite the album's buoyantly pastel new wave tones, it unsurprisingly contains a truckload of hard-won maturity and a growing sense of battle fatigue.

Rolling Stone

A gorgeously produced, hook-studded record with cocked-eyebrow trepidation adding a jittery edge – a combination that's very of-the-moment in 2017, even if it veers outside of pop's rigid lines.

Catharsis is never usually this joyous, but sometimes smiling through the pain works better than crying.
The Guardian

After Laughter – candy-coated bitterness at its best – may steer them away from the Kerrang! crowd, but one thing remains consistent to Paramore’s emo roots – the theatrical mellifluence of internal angst.

The Line of Best Fit

Stripped of all their teenage angst, despite all its sunny hooks, After Laughter is a deep album with plenty to say. It’s easily the most honest and mature Paramore have sounded yet and also probably, one of the best pop albums you hear all year.

Drowned in Sound

Williams has managed to get out from under the pressure of having to be the perma-grinning frontwoman, and the emotional uncertainty that’s exposed is fascinating. Musically, meanwhile, this is as free as they’ve ever sounded. Again: Paramore have always been a pop band. They’ve just never been this proud of it.

No Ripcord

Not only does After Laughter regenerate Paramore's sound, but it rejects the cult of personality surrounding the group. By fusing the pop and rock of the 80s to their punk roots, they are now free to move in any direction going forward.

The Observer

Excluding the syrupy "26" and seething "No Friend," After Laughter could be one of the year’s best pop albums.

The Young Folks
Paramore’s talents have never been merely surface level, but a biting attitude underneath. Don’t let the candy-colored album cover fool you, the band’s sour punch is still alive and well.

Just as this album highlights Williams’ most existentially despondent musings to date, it is also the most fizzy record Paramore have ever recorded.

Consequence of Sound

Williams boasts undeniable talent, but her gusto requires the sharp songwriting and clever instrumentation of her bandmates, and After Laughter testifies to what happens when a singer like Williams is met with a group of quality instrumentalists.

The Needle Drop

After Laughter, Paramore's first album in four years, finds the pop punk band going through a synthpop metamorphosis.

people are probably gonna pretend to hate this record to keep up their niche & experimental persona, but, this album is good as fuck
i've actually returned to this way more than I thought I would, it's really fun
after seeing them live this gets an 8, I am in LOVE with Hayley Williams and would give a testicle to have dinner with her.
After much deliberation, I have decided that this is my favorite paramore album, they honestly don’t have any bad albums, and 4/5 of them are absolutely great, but this one just takes them all down with its great dance pop vibes. Paramore is one of only a few punk bands that went pop and actually got better with it.
Favorite track: told you so
Least favorite track: fake happy

edit: never mind, pool is the best song on here
In my zone.

I have been known to have a bias for happy albums, I have a thing for albums that cut below or slightly above 80/100 and prefer them to many all-time classics. I'm notorious for being selective to synth-pop, due to how much emotions the bubbly genre can exhibit under one hood. But most of all, albums with hidden lore about darker themes under the cover of a happy texture are something that's particularly appealing to me.

I ain't no stranger to Paramore, that's certain. I've ... read more
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Added on: April 19, 2017