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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts
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The Young Folks

At the end of 2020, Plastic Hearts arrives as a relief, a reminder of the fun to be had and the beauty along the way.

While 2017 album ‘Younger Now’ found her heading out with a similar mission in mind, the brief didn’t quite come to fruition; there was newfound maturity on show, but not as much country-and-Western swagger. Fortunately, ‘Plastic Hearts’ possesses infinitely more grit – and, crucially, a freewheeling sense of fun.

Happily, Plastic Hearts is a change in direction that works really well. With names like Billy Idol and Joan Jett guesting, there’s even a sample of a Stevie Nicks song in case you were any doubt that this is a Miley Cyrus album that your dad would feel comfortable listening to.

The Independent

From start to finish, Plastic Hearts dresses catchy, Eighties-indebted pop melodies in rock’s studded leather, lets them spin a few wheelies and max out the speedo. It’s basically a truckload of fun with added blood and guts, driven by Cyrus’s reckless, open-throated, soul-bearing charisma.

The Line of Best Fit

Cyrus has found the perfect balance of pushing her own musical boundaries whilst proving she’s one of the strongest and bravest names in the constant celebrity whirlwind.

The Telegraph

Plastic Hearts is her rock record proper, mullet haircut and raspier vocals to boot. It's chaotic in the best ways, and – true to form – in regrettable ways too.

In a year shrouded by isolation and starved of social interaction, where individuals have been forced to discover the unexpected joy of solitude, “Plastic hearts” might just be the soundtrack to through this journey as you embark on your very own Rocky-esque beast mode montage of shameless self-empowerment.
Miley is stepping into her most fitting musical form yet.
Rolling Stone

The singer pays homage to her New Wave heroes and channels classic country; it’s a karaoke night out that ends up being something more substantial.


Passionate and self-aware, Plastic Hearts is easily the finest incarnation of Cyrus' music yet.

Consequence of Sound

Like her hero Elvis Presley perhaps, Plastic Hearts proves that Cyrus can be derivative and still be an original.

Entertainment Weekly
The best moments on Cyrus' new album come when she delves into power ballads.

Plastic Hearts might be Miley Cyrus' gateway into the world of rock, but this time around she's still holding on to her pop music roots.

FLOOD Magazine

Plastic Hearts is the best Cyrus’s voice has ever sounded, and maybe it’s because this album feels like she’s performing for herself first and foremost.

Spectrum Culture
It would have been better if emotional depth had been prioritized over image, but the album proves Cyrus’ versatility as a performer.

Stepping confidently into her “rock era,” Miley offers a genuinely pleasing, though sometimes hamfisted record that staves off the awkwardness and missteps that plagued her previous albums.

The Arts Desk
The 80s-ness of it does sound kind of mannered, and the Ronson produced “High” – which is the furthest from Don Simpson / Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movie soundtracks and the closest to straight up country – is a brreath of fresh air in the middle; still dramatic but less archly so.
The Guardian
From floaty synth ballads to punky 80s pop, this album’s middling material doesn’t adequately serve this unusual star.

Like Britney Spear's cover of 'I Love Rock'n Roll', Plastic Hearts is a shamelessly enjoyable, pop-spiked homage to rock'n'roll.

Slant Magazine

If nothing else, Plastic Hearts gives her license to unapologetically rock out.

The Needle Drop

Overproduction notwithstanding, Plastic Hearts stands out for bringing a bit of edge to the current 80s revival.

No Ripcord

If only Plastic Hearts followed Midnight Sky’s lead, we’d have an album of disco-rock that felt true to Cyrus’ strengths.

Under The Radar

Despite the unnecessary concessions to conventionality, Plastic Hearts still manages to reveal even more layers to Cyrus’ ever-expanding musical palette, proving she can take on whatever genre she desires and give it her own unique sense of flair.

The Observer
Cyrus might know her way around a Joan Jett cover, but the punky sneer of this post-divorce album feels like an act.
Rock and Roll! It is already very rare to point it out, but for the first time Miley did not content herself with making a failed, even decent album, she succeeded, at the same time while finding the way to artistic fulfillment. Plastic Hearts transpires the 80's, as much musically as in imagery. Approaching an electric and synthetic arena rock that often merges either with serious Country Pop or a modernized Synthwave, Miley Cyrus has never been as sincere as on her 7th album.

If Miley Cyrus ... read more
Edit: Nvm this kinda sucks (72 -> 50)

You know 2020 is truly the end times when Miley Cyrus puts out an actually decent album.

Let me preface this review by saying everything Miley Cyrus has put out prior to this record has been pretty lackluster to my ears. Ever since her early days of making pop country and starring in Hannah Montana, I’ve always seen her musical output as being pretty average or mediocre. With that being said, I think she really took an insane nosedive in quality ... read more
What phases you about this anomaly? Is it her history on Disney shows and films? Is it her constant hatred from music critics? Is it the endless loud buzzing of her next projects? Well, personally, it’s how true she’s been to herself.

If there’s anything that “Plastic Hearts” proves, it’s progression. From making some of the most mind-melting, electropop of the 2010s to a matured pop rock of sorts at the turn of the decade, Miley Cyrus doesn’t shy away ... read more
Breaking News: Local music reviewers left in shock and awe as Miley Cyrus releases a decent Miley Cyrus album. Many of them are screaming in the streets, wondering what happened. Let’s check in with one.

“Hello, what’s your name, and why are you spasming on the ground? Do you need help?”
*tries to get up but can’t, continues to lay on the ground* “Oh, my name is Matthew. Did you hear about the new Miley Cyrus album?”
*reporter bends down* ... read more
She came in like a wrecking ball with the first few songs, but then fell off of it into a ditch for the rest.

Miley Cyrus is a very interesting figure in the music industry. She's had her highs and had some very low points, but I really see this album as a redemption for her, and you know what? It has some pretty great moments! But at some points, it falls right on it's face.

Let's get all of the good stuff out of the way before I go to the negatives. The production on here is very ... read more
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Track List

  1. WTF Do I Know
  2. Plastic Hearts
  3. Angels Like You
  4. Prisoner | feat. Dua Lipa
  5. Gimme What I Want
  6. Night Crawling | feat. Billy Idol
  7. Midnight Sky
  8. High
  9. Hate Me
  10. Bad Karma | feat. Joan Jett
  11. Never Be Me
  12. Golden G String
  13. Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix) | feat. Stevie Nicks
  14. Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival)
  15. Zombie (Live from the NIVA Save Our Stages Festival)
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Added on: October 22, 2020