Angels & Airwaves - Lifeforms
While sonically, i think that this is a very neat project. I just don’t think that Tom Delonge’s voice has aged all too well. I think his weird vocal inflections suited his material with Blink-182 pretty well I just feel like as his voice matured he should have ditched them. Another issue is that the lyrics feel very inconsequential. One thing i’ll give this album credit for is that the songs are super catchy, Tom Delonge definitely knows how to write a good hook. Overall just ... read more
Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
This album was my introduction to Little Simz and I’m honestly kind of blown away. This album is lyrically dense and emotionally raw at points, it has lush production, and it also really showcases Little Simz ability as a rapper.
Imagine Dragons - Mercury - Act 1
Kanye West - Donda
This album honestly feels kind of disposable. I don’t dislike it, i just really hope we get some kind of condensed version of it in the future.
St. Vincent - Daddy's Home
St. Vincent is the most consistently great artist in modern music. there, i said it.
This album was kind of disappointing. Melodrama was one of my favorite albums of the 2010’s so naturally, I was really excited going into this. The idea of a warmer and more joyful Lorde record sounded intriguing and when the lead single, Solar Power was released i definitely started getting nervous. Although the lead single packed a lot of personality in the lyrics, everything else about it was so unengaging. Now that the full album is out i just feel meh.

I don’t think that this ... read more

Paramore - After Laughter
This album shows Paramore turning a new leaf in their discography and trying their hand at dance pop and in all honesty, this is my favorite Paramore album. Yep, I said it and now I am fully ready to be crucified.

Paramore are the perfect example of a rock act going pop done well. In most cases of this it feels incredibly forced but dance pop fits Paramore perfectly.

Sonically, this album is very nice. The production is very full, i love all of the tones throughout the project, and I think ... read more

Luke Hemmings - When Facing the Things We Turn Away From
This album really caught me off guard. I wasn’t massive on the lead single, Starting Line, it just felt super overblown so I didn’t expect to love the album but I’m really glad I was wrong because this album is honestly gorgeous. I love the spacey guitar tones throughout the record, the vocal performance matched the genre almost perfectly, and the hooks on this thing are catchy as hell. Yeah i’m happy with this album.
Jade Bird - Different Kinds of Light
I really enjoyed this album. It has a warm blend of folk and rock and although it did feel a little bit predictable at some points i still had a good time with this album.

Fun Fact: Jade Bird was actually my first show since before covid. I saw her a few months ago (she was amazing) and got to talk to her after the show and she was really sweet.

BTS - Permission To Dance
Bruh this sounds like something that would be on the Trolls soundtrack.
Lady Gaga - Joanne
My issue with this album is how messy it is. It doesn’t really know what it wants to be. It’s very clunky. I understand what it was going for but it wasn’t executed quite right.
Imagine Dragons - Wrecked
Did Imagine Dragons just release a track that I find mildly enjoyable?? I think i need to go rethink my purpose.
Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST
Going into this album i was hoping that he would continue in the neo soul direction that he has been going in his past two albums but i’m glad that we got what we got.

Firstly, I want to point out how well this album flows from track to track. As someone who really appreciates a good transition, i really enjoyed that aspect of the album. For the most part I really enjoyed the production on this project. I like the heavier approach it took.

Some might make the argument that thematically ... read more

Fall Out Boy - American Beauty / American Psycho
This album is decent. I feel like what keeps it from being good is the production. This album is really cheap sounding. The instrumentation just feels phoned in and then add the cheap production and it just feels like a wall of sound in the worst way. Some really catchy songs tho.

Favorite Tracks: Fourth Of July, Jet Pack Blues, The Kids Aren’t Alright

Least Favorite Tracks: American Beauty/American Psycho, Irresistible

Fall Out Boy - M A N I A
When this album dropped, middle school me ate it up. I even went and saw them live while they were touring for this album (it was a really fun show tbh, i don’t regret that part). I am ashamed. Please let me repent.

Yeah, it’s not good. The singing is constantly off key, there is zero flow from track to track, the ideas feel half-baked, and it’s incredibly overproduced.

Favorite Tracks: Bishop’s Knife Trick, Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)

Least Favorite Tracks: Young ... read more

Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon: The End Of Day
Overall this album has a lot of really cool Ideas and great writing but my issues really start with Cudi’s performance. It feels very monotone and lifeless. It doesn’t really feel like he’s trying to engage the listener.

Still a pretty solid album, definitely worth a listen.

EDIT: It grew on me

Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy
I finally picked up a copy of this album on vinyl today so I thought I’d do a review. This album is a lush display of every genre it tries it’s hand at.

I like that it’s hard to put into a box. It shows influences from genres such as lo-fi, soul, and alternative pop. It’s very impressive how Tyler pulls off all of these genres so effortlessly.

This album seemed to mark a newfound maturity in Tyler the Creator’s music which I really like. I thought his old ... read more

Waterparks - Greatest Hits
One thing that I’ll give this record is that I was never bored while listening to it.
Dream - Mask
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