- Harry's House
“Harry’s House” is a good pop album for sure, but it doesn’t really do anything different from or surpass “Fine Line” for me. This ultimately leaves it a little disappointing and underwhelming, even if I think it’s enjoyable and I like what’s here.

I really enjoyed Harry Styles’s last album, even if there were many flaws and some songs I didn’t love. I saw a lot of potential though and hoped that going forward it would turn into ... read more

 - This Hell
Didn’t love it at first, and it’s still not my favorite Rina song or anything, but yet another great pop song from her.
 - Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers
I can’t believe I’m listening to a new Kendrick Lamar album after 5 years.

I need time to digest this. I’m overwhelmed. It was a great and incredibly interesting listen, but I also have issues and I also don’t know how I feel about it completely.

Full review soon after more listens and some time with it.

 - So Far So Good
Wanted to listen to something horrible before the new Kendrick Lamar album to make me appreciate it even more, so here we are…

Do I even have to write about this album? Of course it’s not very good and I don’t like it. It’s just generic and nothing and I forget I’m even listening to it. I guess it could have been worse, but it still was not a good listen.

 - DAMN.

Me and this album have had a strange relationship. This was the first album of Kendrick’s that I fell in love with, and for a while it was my favorite album of all time. As years have gone on and my music taste expanded and changed, and as I fell in love with GKMC and TPAB, this went from potentially my favorite Kendrick project to my second least favorite. I played this album so much that I think I burned myself out of it, and for 3-4 ... read more

 - untitled unmastered.

The next project to revisit was untitled unmastered. And impressively, Kendrick Lamar’s demos are pretty great and better than most other rapper’s albums in general. Songs like untitled 02 and untitled 07 are amongst some of my favorite Kendrick songs ever, and there are some other really cool moments such as untitled 08. There are some moments that aren’t fully fleshed out or are kinda unnecessary, but it’s still an ... read more

 - To Pimp a Butterfly

The next album to revisit was To Pimp A Butterfly, which is my 4th favorite album of all time. It’s also the highest rated album of all time on AOTY, and for good reason. This has to be the most impressive album I’ve ever heard. Someday I’ll write a full review, but for now I’ll just give it my 100.

Fav Tracks: Wesley’s Theory, King Kunta, Institutionalized, These Walls, u, Alright, For Sale, Momma, Hood Politics, ... read more

 - good kid, m.A.A.d city

The next album to revisit was good kid, m.A.A.d city, which is one of my favorite albums ever.

There’s not much to say about this album that hasn’t already been said a million times. It’s great, the highlights on here are all time classics, and Kendrick is absolutely fantastic from a writing and performance standpoint. This is one of my favorite albums of all time, and pretty much everything about it is great and impresses ... read more

 - Section.80

Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite artists ever. So with his new album coming on Friday, I decided to go back and revisit his discography this week. So let’s start with Section 80:

While Section 80 is flawed and is my least favorite Kendrick album, it’s still really good and an a impressive debut that shows a lot of potential that would be capitalized on later projects. There are some really great highlights here like ... read more

 - The Heart Part 5
While “Heart On My Sleeve” isn’t anything unique or groundbreaking, it’s still just a really well executed R&B album with some great vocal performances and highlights.

I’ve always seen talent and potential in Ella Mai, but her music never really impressed me and was pretty generic. However, I really enjoyed the singles for this album, as I either really liked or loved all three of them. Because of that, I decided I would check out this album when it came out. ... read more

 - Come Home the Kids Miss You
I like Jack Harlow as a personality and I really want to like his music, but he just continues to not improve as an artist on “Come Home The Kids Miss You”, which results in some decent but ultimately underwhelming music.

As most people were, I was introduced to Jack Harlow through “What’s Poppin”, which was a great and enjoyable pop rap track. From there though, I wasn’t impressed, as I did not enjoy his EP from 2020 at all. But as a personality I really ... read more

I NEVER LIKED YOU is a decent record from Future with some solid highlights and really good production, but it ultimately ends up being disappointing due to Future’s underwhelming writing and performances.
 - It's Almost Dry
While it’s not quite on the level of Daytona for me, Pusha T still comes through with another impressive release with usually great production and solid features.
 - Familia
Maybe my really low expectations coming into this just have me pleasantly surprised, but I actually think “Familia” is pretty decent, even with all its problems and flaws.

Considering how bland and boring I usually find Camila Cabello and her music, I went into this expecting not to like it at all. But somehow despite its issues, I kinda enjoyed this. It’s absolutely nothing special or groundbreaking, and everything here I’ve heard done much better, but for what it is ... read more

This feels like ”Vince Staples” 2 to me.

I kinda feel the same way about “RAMONA PARK BROKE MY HEART” as I do his self-titled record: it’s solid and has some highlights but it’s kinda forgettable and not as energetic as I’d like. It’s a little long and the songs kinda get samey, but they’re all good and there are some really well written songs here. The production is also pretty good. I probably prefer “Vince Staples”, as it was ... read more

 - B.I.B.L.E.
While Fivio’s debut is flawed and doesn’t necessarily capitalize on his potential and the post-Donda hype, it is a solid record that has a lot of enjoyable qualities.

Coming off “Off The Grid”, I and many other people were very excited to see what he could do on an album, as his performance on that song was incredible. But unfortunately, I didn’t love the singles. And while I do like this album, it just doesn’t hit the level I think it ... read more

 - D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape
With how quick DJ Drama got that Will Smith/Chris Rock reference in, this must have been finished last minute and it kinda shows, even if it's decent.

This is basically just a collection of throwaway tracks, and while these aren't bad and there are some solid songs here, it doesn't really come together as a whole and is pretty forgettable. I know it's not trying to do much, but it still is a little disappointing considering who is involved. This also got off to a really rocky start with the ... read more

 - I know NIGO!
This is a pretty enjoyable collection of tracks with some great guests and solid (for the most part) production from Pharrell, even if it can be kind of hit or miss.

I don’t really know who Nigo is outside of him being the BAPE founder, so I’m not sure if he is just curating this like DJ Khaled or if he’s actually involved in the production. Either way, this is solid overall and is what DJ Khaled albums should be, but it’s not really a cohesive album and there are a few ... read more

 - mainstream sellout
Haven't heard this yet but there's no way an album with "Emo Girl" on it and with that fucking album cover is good.

Edit: I was right, here’s the review:

As someone who actually thought TTMD was kinda decent and that the pop-punk style worked better for MGK than his rap stuff, this is bad. Lyrically this is obviously trash, his vocal performances suck, and the songwriting is groaningly bad. “Emo Girl” is an early contender for worst song of the year, and this is an ... read more

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