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May 13, 2019
Even though a lot of the Whitechapel fan-boys are hating this album because Bozeman doesn't solely do unclean vocals anymore, I think this is a great album.

The contrast and combination of the clean/unclean vocals blends together so nicely, that it creates a really enjoyable listen.

"When a Demon Defiles a Witch" is a raw, and brutal song, lyrically speaking. It is a brilliant opener, and sets the tone immediately, so that listeners know exactly what to expect from this ... read more
May 13, 2019
Messy, yet catchy. I guess that's the Trap Metal genre for you.

Tracks like "HEAD GXNE" and "BERZERK" are probably the strongest on the album. Hard to find many more positives. Very similar to past songs, if it carries on this way, it's going to become more and more difficult to enjoy the new content.

Songs are VERY repetitive. I get that's part of the genre, but this is EXCESSIVE.

Good album to listen to whilst doing other stuff as once you actually pay attention to ... read more
May 13, 2019
Outstanding album. Very powerful, very emotional, and very moving. Gonna be hard to top this one in 2019.

Opening song, "Lead Paint & Salt Air" sets the extremely depressing tone, but at the same time, has this happy undertone with the Americana instrumentals, very contrasting.

By far the best song on the album is "Bloodied Up In A Bar Fight". You can hear the amount of desperation in the vocals as West realises he has no one to turn to after he was attacked in a bar, ... read more
May 13, 2019
Lyrically, End of Suffering is an outstanding album, in typical Rattlesnakes fashion, hard hitting topics such as mental health are covered, making anyone who really pays attention to what is being said feel rather emotional.

Musically however, I feel as though it lacks so much energy that The Rattlesnakes are commonly known for. Tyrant Lizard King shows very brief glimpses of this, along with Crowbar, both of these being the strongest songs on the album.

Why a Butterfly Can't Love a Spider ... read more
May 13, 2019
Took a while to grow on me, but tracks such as Slip The Noose and I Feel It All Over are very strong. Flowers on the Grave could have been a better closer, felt like it dragged, normally a fan of long closers but it felt very repetitive. Acoustic song Forevermore was disappointing, felt very generic, compared to 24 Floors on American Candy, or I Only Wanna Talk To You on Lovely Little Lonely, it left a lot to be desired.

Numb Without You was a great first single, using the electronica genre to ... read more
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