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You drift from stasis to stasis, consciousness to body, metastatic syncopation of funeral bones and the icy cold of space in glimmering madness. Waking and rising through the volcanic ruination, falling down the stairway of sunlit stars and annals of archaic pathways, the neural network of the universe bridges the rainbow lights of supernovae unfettered spilling their guts into the blackened void. Floating endlessly through the vast array of emptiness of dead time ... read more

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getaroomyoufuck -
Drone titans Sunn O))) meet cryptic nightmare weavers Nurse With Wound, and together they rend all of reality into a syncopated turn of tragedy and endless wastelands of ashen death. Sounds like a recipe for total success and insanity, right? Well, let's talk about it

Suppose it's best to start with what this album does right, cause damn does it do some shit right. While you'd expect a collaboration between two of the most tour de force musicians in the realms of crushing drone metal and ... read more
getaroomyoufuck -
Man, when I fucking said that I knew Nurse With Wound had the potential to hit greater heights after listening to Homotopy to Marie, I didn't think it was gonna come THIS quickly! But life enjoys proving me right in fickle circumstances, so I will take it

Take the drugged out hallucinogenic hypnotism of Time Machines, splice it with the smoldering cataclysm of life and love of The Disintegration Loops, and pour in some freshly drawn blood after cutting out your own tongue, and you'd have an ... read more
getaroomyoufuck -
Never got around to writing a review for this when initially listening, so here I am to rectify! Much like the binges I did for Current 93 in January and Coil in February, I plan on listening to an extended amount of Nurse With Wound's discography in this month of March. Yet unlike those binges, where while blind to a myriad of their artists deeper efforts I had some foresight and albums of theirs under my belt (SHHH and I Have a Special Plan for C93, Horse Rotorvator and Ape of Naples for ... read more
getaroomyoufuck -
(Side note before reading this, I'm dead fucking tired so if I come across as rambling I'm sorry in advance, but I gotta get this out onto words, this album deserves nothing but pure of heart emotion)

It's honestly incredibly fitting that the Coil project I sought to end my binge with is this piece, as I feel it's the most quintessential project of their extensive worked all culminated into one solstice of phasing tides and lunar beauty, anemic sheets of naught. At once it melds and ... read more
getaroomyoufuck -
"Excess makes the heart grow fonder"

The day as I'm writing this, February 16th 2021, would have been John Balance's 59th birthday had his tragic death never transpired those 16 years ago. Anyone who's dabbled into Coil's myriad efforts knows how the story goes, his falling from a two story window and immediate passing there afterwards, with much of the material Black Antlers onward being posthumous release, even Black Antlers itself getting a re-release in 2006 with new songs and ... read more
Jun 9, 2020
added ur pick, thnk u :)
Jun 3, 2020
What do you think is the most overrated album of all time?
dummy boy who loves most everything he listens to, dont expect any real negative opinions here sans a couple exceptions

da library is every single album i have on vinyl (either bought or what ive found in my dads vinyl storage)
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the final child in this triplet of unholy aberration, alongside my extended dives with Current 93 and Coil, so arrives Nurse With Wound going identical to the past two discog binges i've done, this ...
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continuing my "Aiden-core" series, here's a list of every single ambient/drone and ambient/drone tinged project that ii've given a 10/10 to, my absolute favs of the craft i will put ...
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going alongside my Current 93 ranking is a list for a band intertwined with the majesty and occult reverence of David Tibet's dreamscapes, the powerhouse of industrial and electronic experimentation, ...
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