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getaroomyoufuck -
“I want to play all music. Not rock, not jazz, not classical: everything. Once you’re aware of this, the only answer is total freedom.”

No short secret to anyone who's followed my account since approximately the end of April or so, I've been on a huge Keiji Haino discography binge. From his main rock outfit in Fushitsusha, to collaborative efforts he's made with other artists, to his solo efforts which see him explore all sorts of musical realms. From crushing noise rock to ... read more

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getaroomyoufuck -
Do you dream of death, the eternal sleep?

Staring into the muddied soil liquefied and running from an eternal rain, God's tears endlessly cascading down your abyss black form, the unknowing intangible nexus of something that is but something that should not be. What lies before you is the endless ocean of graves, eternal resting places of every form and every kind you could think. Carved out in jewels and bloodied reverence for the life that was, unmarked and lazily uncovered to signify a ... read more
getaroomyoufuck -
Have you ever heard the sound of a universe dying?

Stars fragmenting and splintered apart in their kaleidoscopic death of fission, the synapses of God's molten concoctions shattered in an instant, the divine eradicated in the anointment of the irreverent. Pillars of flame wreak their scorching vengeance upon the cold abyssal blackness of dark matter, staining the midnight sea with the irrevocable spilling of blood; an apocalyptic yet amorphous wreathing of coiled snakes carving their ... read more
getaroomyoufuck -
An obsidian spire propagating miles high amidst the erroneous snowstorm of fallen ash raining halcyon bygone remnants of the broken era it once spawned from. The grizzled visage of snow landing as embers burn and fade out upon the dying skylight, the stolen fire of Gods replaced with but a whimper, Prometheus' claim against divinity for humanity resounding in the undying wish of eternal solitude and sacrifice. A feigning understanding of what once was there but is now simply nihil, torched in ... read more
getaroomyoufuck -
An onslaught to paranoia and fettering rage, a gentle soliloquy of an aching heart and tempered bone mired in the calamity of panic and havoc. Creaking of bones splinter like trees crackled and aflame from the tepid strikes of lightning, alabaster ghouls and wraiths circle the carcasses; the lady painted of flame stumbles through the kaleidoscopic canvas of stars and galaxies. Tears of molten lava cascade down the tattered dress and leave ashen remnants of a haunting sight burned forevermore ... read more
getaroomyoufuck -
Of the myriad of groups you think would collaborate together and consolidate into one mass to congregate their music and opiate the masses, a group like Stereolab conjuring something up with a group like Nurse With Wound is simply madness. In fact it's so nonsensical to a point of that even though I heard this fully, I don't really believe it. How does one of the most captivating and riveting names in the pop scene simply just decide to make an album with one of the earliest and most ... read more


Jun 23, 2021
my 90+ are basically "masterpiece" to me, but i prefer some of them more than others so i decided to change my scales, it's good but also not cool because i'm not high ratings gang anymore :((
Jun 21, 2021
my 100s are basically top tier personal enjoyment for me, i can never get tired of in rainbows and a promise is something i always search for but nothing seems quite close as it, there might be some albums like that but i haven't found, so it'll be the best one so far.
my rating scales used to be like 98 above for those 90s, but i think it's way too much because i gave 3 radiohead albums a 99 😂
Jun 19, 2021
based af 🤩🤩
Jun 6, 2021
Yeah that album rules. Btw what made your interest in so much Japanese music?
Jun 3, 2021
Love your music taste🤍
Apr 3, 2021
High rated gang!!!! 😎😎
Mar 23, 2021
real one


dummy boy who loves most everything he listens to, dont expect any real negative opinions here sans a couple exceptions

da library is every single album i have on vinyl (either bought or what ive found in my dads vinyl storage)

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