AOTY 2023
Really reminds me of Moon Hooch and some of the other sax driven jazz rock groups, but perhaps not quite up to the same standard. It's enjoyable, but nothing all too special
The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
Fun, cute, indie pop with a pretty dark undertone at times - it's such an easy listen and some of the tracks are genuinely great! Personally Tuff Ghost is far and away my favourite here, but the whole album is worth a listen :)
Meek Mill - Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)
Quite possibly THE hype song of all time and certainly one of the best - this song helped Philly win a Superbowl! Loses 1pt for the achoo line tho
Danny Brown - XXX
Came to check this out after the release Quaranta release, and you can really feel the contrast between the two albums - XXX is packed full of chaotic energy that has matured by Quaranta. XXX is a bit bloated in terms of the tracklist and runtime, but it's not too much of a longwinded listen and actually feels far quicker than its listed runtime. A really solid album and it's clear how this helped put Danny on the map :)
CMAT - Crazymad, For Me
Whilst certainly appealing to a good chunk of people, it didn't really capture me even with it's wide range of references and generally engaging writing. Overall, it's just not really my type of music.
Daft Punk - Instant Crush
Without a doubt my favourite Daft Punk song, and it may also be my favourite Casablancas performance too (although there are some very strong competitors for that). Everything on this track just works perfectly together to create this haunting yet utterly mesmerising track that you simply cannot pull yourself away from. I love it.
Björk & ROSALÍA - Oral
Neither of them are at their best, but its a decent song with good intentions

The video is an absolute abomination though, and actually impacts the listening experience quite significantly. Really strange decision all around on that end.

Really solid album, with some great tracks throughout. I have a few gripes with the writing and production at occasions, but otherwise this is really enjoyable. Another Irish rapper that I have very much enjoyed :)
Earthside - Let The Truth Speak
Nice enough, but it felt quite underwhelming at times and certainly had a sense of being unfinished or incomplete.
Svalbard - The Weight of The Mask
Whilst reasonably enjoyable, it sounds pretty similar to a lot of other music in the genre and doesn't hold all that much uniqueness. Worth a listen if you're a fan of the band or the genre, but it's nothing all too special
Madness - Theatre Of The Absurd Presents C’est La Vie
Sure, it's far from being Madness' best work - but it's nowhere near as bad as most of these reviews make it out to be. At its core, it's basically what you'd expect from a Madness album in this day and age, albeit sounding a bit tired and dated given their age.

No excuses for that cover though, that's just shocking.

Roger Eno - The skies, they shift like chords
Nice enough, but nothing all that special or memorable
Smoke Fairies - Carried In Sound
Not for me - I found it incredibly boring, dull, and long winded. :(
Vyva Melinkolya - Unbecoming
Really enjoyed this, the atmosphere it creates is haunting yet absorbing.
Kinoue64 - Syūmatu Endroll
The classic Kinoue64 sound yet again - it's as addictive as ever and features a bit more diversity in it's sound this time around. Very enjoyable for such a short burst of an album!
Substantial - To This Union A Sun Was Born
Nujabes and Substantial are a match made in heaven - if Substantial could fix up his often-quesitonable lyrics and general songwriting this had the potential to be incredible. Unfortunately, it's let down a little by some quite iffy moments
BODEGA - Broken Equipment
Whilst well intentioned, it sounds about as corporate as the things they protest against in their songs - far too clean and refined in my opinion. Worst of all though, it's just a pretty boring listen.
Ben Gregory - Bodied
Whilst reminiscent of Blaenavon's peak, Ben's solo work lacks some of the punch and edge that made the bands music so enjoyable. That's not to say that this release isn't enjoyable, but it's certainly more akin to the softer, downbeat filler tracks found on the bands collective releases.
quannnic - Stepdream
Overall solid, but can be a bit messy at times especially on the production side of things. The core idea is solid, but it needs a good chunk more work to really hit home.
André 3000 - New Blue Sun
I hate to be the one to say it, but after such a long wait this feels quite underwhelming. Sure, it's a nice ambient album but it's actually not all that interesting nor does it bring much new to the genre other than the Andre3000 name. The longer tracks especially really become quite a chore to get through, as their long-winded nature coupled with lack of actual development within the tracks makes them feel almost unending at times. It's a shame as I was really looking forward to this release, ... read more
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