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IreviewMerzbow -
Is it just me or is this actually mind-blowing? Every bit of Merzbow's strongest material thus far thrown onto one single sprawling, consistently entrancing release without a single dull or unsatisfying moment. This is as amazing as early noise can get.

So, what do we know about this release? It takes the same inspiration from Masami's native culture as 抜刀隊 With Memorial Gadgets and was released on a picture disc with either side named after one of the two main shrines of the Ise Grand ... read more

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IreviewMerzbow -
This release starts out as the most distinctly beat-based SCUM project but quickly turns its focus to some buzzing, electric-sounding junk noise about 15 minutes in. A surprisingly good tape all things considered, with solid noise and beat passages as well as a fair bit of humor in the tracklist and album title. I really, really appreciate that, even on albums that are completely strung together from other releases and unreleased sessions, Merzbow manages to give his work distinct character and ... read more
IreviewMerzbow -
There's little setting this release apart from the usual industrialish improvisational noise that we got towards the end of the 80s besides the prominence of drums on track one. That half of the album is a slow foray into the beat-based noise of future Merzbow that goes on for far too long. Second track is an overlong lofi noise throwaway. Not much on here worth seeking out.

Found through: Soulseek. Download:
IreviewMerzbow -
The third and final installment of the live US Tour series. In between the two previous installments quality-wise and recording-wise, you can kind of hear what's going on here. It starts out which a huge blob of noise and quiets down into the usual junky industrial hellstorm a few minutes in, except this time with extremely distant recording quality. This is one of those records where you can hear how incredible of a performance it is but you can't feel it. There sounds like there were some ... read more
IreviewMerzbow -
The second installment of the live US Tour series, and a significant step up from the first. Much clearer and far more dynamic, although still maintaining some of the fuzz of the others. This is bizarrely paced, with 10 minutes of noise, 3 minutes of some radio lady announcing Merzbow's set, and then an abrupt cut to a much quieter show, one that has to be from an entirely different set. Why this happens I'm not quIte sure. This thing is extremely obscure and I really can't make sense of what's ... read more
IreviewMerzbow -
A live recording with such awful sound quality that you can't hear anything but fuzz. It's soothing as background noise and sparingly short but still pretty much nothing. Next!

Found through: Soulseek. Download:


Jun 16, 2021
its all merzbow???

always has been 🔫
Jun 13, 2021
You review Merzbow.
Jun 4, 2021
You’re doing God’s work here
Jun 4, 2021
Thanks for following! I really appreciate it, and I respect anyone who takes the time to review the entirety of Merzbow’s catalogue
Apr 15, 2021
What's your favorite Swans record and song? (List)
Apr 4, 2021
Are you a merzbow simp
Mar 21, 2021
good god. you're a next-level chad.
Mar 1, 2021
Are you planning to listen to all of his albums? how many are there anyway
Feb 28, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Feb 28, 2021
May god bless your Merzbow reviewing soul.
I barely got through 3 of his albums lol


Cross-posting from RYM for the people on here, Here's the original list in better formatting, if you're curious at seeing it all lined up in a more cohesive fashion:

I do NOT review Kanye West 😭


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