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isaccasi -
Every day I cry myself to sleep knowing that Jas Mann can't get off the carousel. The poor man has been stuck on that carousel for 26 years now, why doesn't anyone stop the carousel? Like seriously, it must be horrible to be stuck on a carousel for so long, must be even worse unable to breath. I've started the Coalition Of Carousel Kickers, C.O.C.K., to try to ban all carousels from existence so we can save Jas Mann, and he can make more Babylon Zoo albums. Even though this song was used as a ... read more
isaccasi -
Cloudwalker's debut album A Tenebris Ad Lucem is a pretty decent ambient album, with a few less optimal tracks mixed in. When the artist focuses on what he does best, ambient stuff and background effects, it becomes real good. My probably favorite track Purgatory is a perfect example of this. I could listen to this song for hours, because it manages to stay interesting with so few methods. Another example of this is namazu hunting. A mix between ambient and experimental sounds, it manages to ... read more
isaccasi -
Virtue by the Voidz had to be better than Tyranny, that was what I told myself before this album and I wasn't disappointed. It's basically the same length as Tyranny but it's much more interesting, and I actually wanted to finish the album. This album has lot more identity and feels more experimental rock tyranny, while at the same time stay poppy. It still felt a little flat for me but it was much better. I actually enjoyed a bunch of tracks, and not only the neo psychedelia garage rock this ... read more
isaccasi -
The Voidz first album Tyranny feels like the band blend so many genres it just became boring and not creative at all. It's not a bad album, but not a good either. The album was too long and I just wanted it to end. 1 hour isn't long for an album, but this album was so boring I wanted to stop listening halfway through. It became more listenable towards the end, but this is not an album I want to revisit.

A few songs I quite liked, like the neo psychedelia rock track Where No eagles fly. It was ... read more
isaccasi -
Hello, I must be going is a weak follow up to Phil Collins mediocre solo debut. Boring, bad instrumentals, nothing special disco/funky and just bad music.

I don't care anymore is probably the best song on the album, because it got nice drums, rythm and the same capturing feeling as In the air tonight. The progression of the song is also nice, and the song feels like a song Phil Collins cares about. I cannot believe it's true is forgettable and the trumpets are just so bad. Bad and cheesy ... read more


Jul 18, 2021
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