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JustSomeSingles -
I think the production is pretty damn good, but I'm not too sure about the vocals. The lyrics don't really do much for me either. But sonically the song is really fun, and makes for a decent listen. Definitely a good track for a first single.
JustSomeSingles -
Kanye stans be like "Noooo, this is good! It's just an aesthetic choice for it to sound like diarrhoea shit squirting into your ears!"
JustSomeSingles -
Well, it is one of your most unique songs yet, and I think that goes without saying. It just being a piano song makes it one of your most interesting songs yet. But honestly, the awkward playing is really hard to get past.
JustSomeSingles -
I wasn't too crazy for that intro, it honestly felt like a step backward. But the middle part really won me over, and the last minute or so was also pretty good. Overall a decent track that is closer to being good than it is bad, but I honestly don't care for that intro.
JustSomeSingles -
A little more generic than Graffiti was, but I honestly still enjoyed it a bit. I dunno, it's just a fun track, though not all that imaginative. Honestly, you're moving in the right direction, with even some of the weaker songs still being entertaining.
Oct 16, 2020
Hey one more thing, can you please check out my Unofficial/Unreleased track, Nico's Song?

lov ya
Oct 16, 2020
Hey bud, would you be willing to check out my other singles?
Oct 16, 2020
Hello there! Im Malneezy and I have a new single out with a collaboration with another artist and was hoping to get your opinion on it. Thanks! <3
It's a Lo-Fi track.
Oct 12, 2020
Hello, I have just released my second single this week called "Panacea" and I would be happy if you would give it a chance and tell me what you think about it, it might be just a simple rating.
If you haven't listened to my previous single Exosphere, you can do it sooner or later if you want:) They probably sound best on headphones but it is your decision how you will listen to them. Thanks^.^

Link to tracks:

Have a nice day
Oct 8, 2020
Oct 2, 2020
Please could you listen to these and rate/review two of my newest singles, (well one is just being released now), any feedback and commmegs and stuff is much appreciated, thank you
My @artistpage on here is Voidshasky
Oct 2, 2020
Hello there! I've been experimenting with a new sound and could use your feedback on this new track! <3
May 14, 2020
Hey! I have been releasing singles for a little while now and I feel like I have improved a ton, especially on my most recent single called 100% Wet. I took a lot of your advice from my first single and I know much more music theory. Also, the panning won't be an issue on any of my new tracks haha. I also use a legitimate music production software and actual samples now and I have a computer to do it on, so hopefully that shows!.
Anyways, I'd love it if you could check it out and drop some criticisms!. Thanks!

I'm bored and am tired of not rating singles, so I'm jumping on the singles account train.
Also I can't be bothered to remove the singles I've rated on my main account.

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