Swans - To Be Kind
To Be Kind
Sep 11

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LeftTwix -
Hey god, it's me Twix. I just wanna thank you for blessing my soul with the ability to look for, hear, and attain To Be Kind, which is quite possibly the most intense experience I have ever had ever in all my life. Swans has a humongous discography, ranging from the disturbingly raw intensity of Cop to the more sophisticated Children Of God, and then making their darkest album ever, The Seer, and somehow, Swans manages to top themselves by creating a sonical monstrosity. I have no idea how to ... read more
LeftTwix -
Background music usually sucks ass, but when I heard lojii in the background of my friends' video call, I was like dude, what the hell are you throwing down in your crib? And he was like, it's lojii, and I was like, who the hell is lojii? So he threw on a track called U callin' me, and I was impressed. People say terms like oh it's a vibe or oh damn this hit hard, and both references applied to this song in particular. It was exceedingly vibey and after i asked about the artist & project, I ... read more
LeftTwix -
After dozens of listens, I cannot help but realize that this sophomore effort by 21 Savage is just such a memorable and visceral demonstration of what it means to truly grow as an artist. From the beginning Savage undeniably had potential, but his past efforts were mostly very lackluster and not worth listening to, let alone review. I find it a miracle that Fantano could even manage to review records like Issa or Savage Mode, because when it comes to describing my feelings on that record, I ... read more
LeftTwix -
A huge throwback to my first years of getting into hip hop or just music in general, Big Fish Theory, after two years of failing to listen to this collage of tracks, coming back to it, I found out that I enjoy it even more now than I ever have before. The obvious point to give attention is the production, which is insane and unlike a majority of hip hop, it takes risks with every single track and succeeds on all fronts, resulting in a record that is very pleasing to the ears with it's ... read more
LeftTwix -
Immediately handing it a perfect 10 upon first listen, Alan Braxe curated an amazing collection of electronic house bangers that very easily capture the best feelings that can be taken from electronic music. Each sample that is introduced isn't just soulful, but melds itself into the music, helping add to the beautiful soundscape of this immensely satisfying record. Each track is drenched in fantastic production, killer melodies, and an absurdly hypnotic attention to detail when it comes to ... read more
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Your reviews are really awesome, dude! I'll certainly be keeping a keen eye on your future reviews.
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