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Mar 16, 2020
Like Vines is an ‘Indie-Rock’ album bolstered with a foundation of theatre music and soul.

Bearing a striking resemblance to the pop music of the 2010s like Michael Bublé and Of Monsters and Men, the record repeats a lot of the fundamental elements present on the radio at the time with Sweet Tangerine being close to a Christmas Song that could’ve fit in all shopping malls in that era.

Whilst I do enjoy the production of the record, the album is just painfully generic ... read more
Mar 14, 2020
Whilst this is a commendable attempt at replicating and 'improving' upon the sounds of Pinkerton, it is a replica at the end of the day and the lack of honesty/rawness that made Pinkerton great in the first place ends up detracting from this EP's experience. Still, it is a fun listen for all fans of Weezer who would entertain the idea of an alternate reality Weezer EP where they created a decent post-Green EP instead of the bland pop-punk present on Raditude.

Fav Songs: The Shell Shack
Mar 14, 2020
Self-titled is Paramore's first step away from pop punk and into new territories of new wave music. That is not to say Paramore has completely abandoned their foundation of pop punk music, with heart-thumping rock songs like Fast in my Car, Be Alone and Part II itself being a literal call back to Riot.

However, the most distinct part of this record for me are the intimate and softer songs like Ain't It Fun and Last Hope. There is a really nice blend of these elements which leads to a ... read more
Mar 14, 2020
The Bends is when Radiohead finally spread their wings from their Grunge roots and found their footing in music.

This record contains a lot of Radiohead staples with softer, intimate tracks like Fake Plastic Trees and Street Spirit to huge arena rock moments in songs like Just and The Bends topped off with plenty of dizzying and exciting guitar sounds to round out the record in songs like Planet Telex and My Iron Lung from front-to-back.

For what it's worth, the album is charming in its ... read more
Mar 12, 2020
Whilst I do see the appeal and appreciate the production on this record, I feel this album just isn't for me.

The most exciting part for me are some of the guitar work, but that barely gets enough spotlight to matter as there is an equivalent amount of pretty, glittery synths. The lack of a real direction and idea ends up being a little too noticeable for me as the album runs on, and with the short 35 minute run-time it is a glaring issue to me to say the least.

Whilst the initial shock in ... read more
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10: Leaves me speechless/thinking long after the record has ended.
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7-8: Great with slight bumps.
6-7: Generally good.
5-6: Decent.
3-5: Some enjoyment but usually bad as a front-to-back experience.
0-3: I'll pass.
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