Jul 10, 2017
Not gonna rate it yet cos I've only listened to the leak twice, but holy shit first impressions, this album is incredible.

He took my favorite parts of Cherry Bomb (Fuckin Young/Perfect, Find Your Wings) and just made a whole album of that. It's honestly just beautiful.

By far his best album. It's crazy to listen to this and then listen to Bastard, the progression is astounding.

Top 10 album so far this year, dunno where it ranks just yet, we'll find out in subsequent listens.

BEST TRACKS: ... read more
Feb 4, 2017
Sampha must have the same taste in music as me, as all of the influences for this album are from artists I absolutely love. Sampha does enough to ensure that this album doesn't sound like a cut and paste of the best Alt RnB has to offer, instead the album sounds wholly his own.

Best Songs: Plastic 100°C, Blood On Me, (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano, Reverse Faults (could literally cut and paste this beat onto LP1 and I wouldn't even notice), Timmy's Prayer

Worst Songs: Under
Feb 4, 2017
Holy shit I did not expect to love this as much as I did. Syd's voice fits soooo well over these dark, dreamy trap beats. I prefer this over her stuff with The Internet for sure, but that is mainly down to personal taste.

Best Songs: Shake Em Off, Know, No Complaints, All About Me, Body, Over

Worst Songs: Drown In It
Jan 1, 2017
Completely re-writing my review because my opinion changed so much.

This is by far Kanye's worst album lyrically. Most of time it's bearable, but then he comes through with just some dumb shit that originally put me off the album a little. However, I've learned to look past that and focus on the production which is on par with his best work, sometimes even exceeding it. This album truly sounds like nothing else.

Best Songs: On Sight, New Slaves, Hold My Liquor, Blood on the Leaves, Guilt ... read more
Dec 25, 2016
Not as good as RTJ2, but goddamn this is still a stellar album holy shit.

Best Songs: Talk to Me, Hey Kids (Bumaye), Thieves! (SCreamed the Ghost), 2100, Panther Like a Panther, Thursday in the Danger Room, Report to the Shareholders/Kill Your Masters

Worst Songs: Don't be fucking silly there are no bad songs
Dec 3, 2016
My favorite project Blake has released. It's not as experimental as his debut, but that's not a bad thing, on this record he really refined his sound and made it reach the potential shown on his debut.

Best Songs: I Am Sold, Take A Fall For Me, Retrograde, Digital Lion

Worst Songs: Voyeur
Dec 1, 2016
This album felt like a bad comedy movie, in the sense that the trailer showed all the good jokes and left you to watch all the bad ones when you actually went to see the movie. Me and Your Mama is one of my favorite songs of the year, and Redbone is fantastic, yet they are far and away the two best songs on the album, to the point where I felt a sense of relief when Redbone came on halfway through the album. The rest of the songs are awful (seriously WTF was California?) or just O.K. Something ... read more
Dec 1, 2016
Absolutely astonishing album. So dark and dreary, each beat lumbers along so well, this is such an emotional album. Although the whole album sounds amazing, the thing that pushes it to be incredible is all the vocal samples, they sound so good and are integrated so well into the tracks.

Best Songs: Archangel, Ghost Hardware, Endorphin, Etched Headplate, Shell of Light, Dog Shelter

Worst Songs: UK (it's a good song, but doesn't match the quality of the other songs)
Nov 9, 2016
By far my favorite Drake release, the production is just perfect for Drake. However, it suffers from the same shortcomings that dragged views down, which is too many filler songs.

Best Songs: Legend, Energy, 10 Bands, Know Yourself, Madonna, 6 Man, Jungle, 6pm in New York

Worst Songs: Wednesday Night Interlude You & The 6
Nov 6, 2016
Probably my least favorite of Kanye's albums, but it is still phenomenal. The best "pop-rap" album I've ever heard.

Best Songs: Good Morning, Stronger, Good Life, Can't Tell Me Nothing, Flashing Lights

Worst Songs: Drunk and Hot Girls
Nov 6, 2016
Although this is very different to what Kanye had done before and has done afterwards, and despite this being one of his weaker albums, a weak Kanye album is still a masterpiece. Incredibly influential, possibly the most influential hip-hop album of the last decade.

Best Songs: Say You Will, Heartless, Love Lockdown, Paranoid, Street Lights, Coldest Winter

Worst Songs: See You In My Nightmares
Oct 25, 2016
Love, love, LOVE this record. Very interesting arrangements and lush synths combined with a dreamy voice. Also I related quite well with the vast majority of the subject matter.

Best Songs: Happy Machines, The Monster, Blank Tapes, Hello, American Dreams, Sunlight, Come Back

Worst Songs: Bare It
Oct 24, 2016
I don't usually listen to this kind of folk music stuff, but this was pure magic. I've barely been this moved by music before. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Best Songs: Perth, Minnesota WI, Holocene, Michicant, Wash., Beth/Rest

Worst Songs: Hinnom TX
Oct 17, 2016
Really fucking awesome album, not House of Balloons god-tier level but still super solid, probably my second favorite project of his. Also all throughout D.D I was like, "Wow this could almost be a Michael Jackson song". Yeah I'm pretty uneducated.

Best Songs: D.D, Montreal, XO, Initiation, The Fall, Next

Worst Songs: Outside
Oct 12, 2016
Awesome album, extremely stripped back compared to LP1, but that's not a bad thing. Overall I prefer LP1's production style but this is still an incredible album.

Best Songs: I'm Your Doll, In Time, Glass & Patron

Worst Songs: None
Oct 12, 2016
Nothing else sounds like this. Not an album I'll be rushing back to listen to, but an enjoyable experience nevertheless.

Best Songs: Mutant, Faggot, Soichiro, Hymn

Worst Songs: Peonies
Oct 8, 2016*
Loved this, Parker's songwriting and voice are fantastic but the production is what really holds this album up, breathtaking from start to end.

Best Songs: Let It Happen, Nangs, Yes I'm Changing, The Less I Know The Better, Past Life, New Person Same Old Mistakes

Worst Songs: Disciples

Edit: It has come to my attention that Past Life is almost universally considered the worst song on the album, I thought this was really weird. I thought it was the most interesting and unique songs on the ... read more
Oct 7, 2016
This is my first listen to anything by The Smiths, and this kind of music is definitely out of my comfort zone genre-wise. Despite this, I was extremely impressed with this, very dark and melancholic, which I always enjoy in my music. Morrissey's voice is different, not good but not bad either. The instrumentation on this album is very good, guitar riffs and drums really stood out to me. Overall, a very, very good album, I'll have to explore more of The Smith's work.

Best Songs: The Queen is ... read more
Oct 7, 2016
lmao who tagged this as pitchfork perfect rating
Oct 5, 2016
The most contradictory album I have ever heard in my life. Let's express how we struggle to express ourselves by not expressing ourselves at all! I'm not even going to bother doing a best/worst songs section because it's all utter trash.
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