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It’s not usually worth taking seriously the claims of young artists that their music transcends genre, but damned if Bartees Strange doesn’t live up to this lofty objective on his debut “Live Forever.” The album encompasses post-punk revival, heartland synth-rock, neo-soul, abstract hip hop, and electronica, and while Bartees Cox doesn’t come anywhere near reconciling these genres, that’s not really the point of “Live Forever.” Cox wears these ... read more
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The technicolor, progressive electropop of Dan Deacon’s “Mystic Familiar” initially comes across as unconventional, thanks to Deacon’s flair for experimental structure and diverse instrumentation. Upon further reflection, however, it’s easy to see the roots of Deacon’s approach in the leading experimental psych-pop artists of the 21st century — think Animal Collective, or Sweet Trip at their poppiest. Like those artists, Deacon seeks to overwhelm the ... read more
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Largely unknown before last year, it’s understandable why En Attendant Ana earned some attention for “Juillet,” their likable if not wildly substantive sophomore release. The songs are immediately accessible, with catchy, singalong hooks set to bouncy, uptempo jangle pop. “Juillet” sounds consistently polished and well fleshed-out; in particular, their horn sections are an inspired complement to the album’s twee pop undercurrents. Upon repeated listens, the ... read more
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I’m shocked that I’ve ever had to make this admission, but nonetheless: the Swifties were right, and I was wrong. Not about “Evermore” being one of the year’s best albums, because it’s not by any stretch. But I was certain that so soon after the release of “Folklore” to cultural domination, “Evermore” would play like a collection of obvious B-sides, when in fact her description of the follow up as a continuation turned out to be ... read more
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This was an intriguing matchup from the get-go, especially since at least on paper, the traditionalist folk rock of Kacy & Clayton seemed an unlikely match with Marlon Williams’ retro 50s pop pastiche. But while Williams and Kacy Anderson have distinct and disparate vocal stylings, they turn out to complement each other kind of perfectly on their collaboration “Plastic Flowers.” The two duet over breezy Americana arrangements that hew closely to the template of the ... read more
Jan 8, 2021
Hey, I’m asking some of my favourite AOTY users to give me some recommendations now that my country is back in Lockdown. I’m doing a theme every week just to try and get me into some new genres/locations, and hopefully I’ll get enough responses to facilitate an AOTD type thing. Of course, if you’d like to get into some new stuff then ofc feel free to join me!

The theme I’ve chosen for the first week is Best Album from South America as I feel like it’s an area I’m not too aware of musically.

Thanks in advance :)
Dec 9, 2020
Oklahoma Lottery sure is a great record, as I just recently discovered her (thank U) I see it grows with each listening. Superb songwriting
Dec 7, 2020
Thanks for the thanks,as you might have noticed in my reviews I even listened to Karen Jonas´ recent record. Actually it grows with each listening.
Dec 4, 2020
Finally a great source of recommendations esp. in the overlooked corners of the AOTY multiverse. I love the way you write, concise and respectfull towards the subject of your analysis. Even if you bash sth. you still take your time to burry it in a thorough way ( e.g. Sam Hunt)
Oct 4, 2020
Wow you're so dedicated, loved your Gabe Lee review.
May 27, 2020
Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment!

In fact there are several simple criteria: the first is that if it is a "classic" or unavoidable album, it is automatically reviewed. Then I restrict my selection to albums that are important for the evolution of music in the global sense (for example the invention of a style of music, a significant innovation etc...) or a major change in the format of the album (Revolution technologies, artistic choice, concept etc...) even if in the end they are not necessarily incredible. Knowing that I try to offer the most interesting content possible so when I have to choose between several albums of the same artist, if I think it is better to be relevant on only 1 album, I will only review this one, or nothing at all. Finally, the goal is also to highlight or pay tribute to some underestimated or simply little known albums, which are excellent without necessarily changing the history of music.

I hope I have answered your question :)
Sep 25, 2019
Wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it <3
Super excited to see what you have in store :)
Sep 21, 2019
I'm not sure if you're active anymore, but you're a fantastic writer!
Mar 26, 2017
nice rating scale, i dig it
I basically only listen to things I think I'll like, so my scores skew high. 60 = average, 70 = good, 90+ = all-time fave.
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