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A.V. Club
It’s an uncommonly smart record full of unexpected, delightful detours.
The Skinny
Out of this six-mind brainstorm emerges a classy melange of sweeping disco-pop, jaunty operatics and playful art-rock; often knowingly silly, but always seriously good.
Drowned in Sound
It’s perfect like a sharp knife is perfect, or a Nokia 3310 is perfect, or a light-up dance-floor is perfect, or maybe like an AC/DC album is perfect: it does the job you need it to do. It succeeds entirely on its own, self-contained terms.

A near-perfect blend of Sparks and Franz Ferdinand's skills, FFS is a collaboration that works very well and offers just about everything a fan of either band could want.

The Guardian
There’s more here than mere novelty appeal – enough to make you hope they repeat the experiment at some point.
Rather like that other excellent celebrity partnership a few years ago of David Byrne and St Vincent, this is a perfect combination of two very distinctive sounds.

Virtually every song on FFS unfolds with boundless energy and hooks aplenty. It could almost be called a “zany” affair, but the content of these songs is a little too poignant for that.

Consequence of Sound

It’s evident from the outset that things on FFS are going to work out just fine, and the record keeps that momentum flowing largely through to the end.

Under The Radar
Over 45 minutes, the combination of Sparks and Franz Ferdinand creates a thrilling, rollicking ride of sex-starved, amphetamine-laced, glitter-splattered, satire-drenched rock music.
This is not a meeting of equals, and it doesn't have to be. It's a marquee-name band throwing their weight behind a cult act that clearly inspired them—and the cult act showing who's really in charge.
When two such spiky forms collide you can’t expect everything to click, but ‘FFS’ is still a wonder of gelling idiosyncrasies.
Loud and Quiet
The project never sounds like Franz Ferdinand aping Sparks, nor Sparks mimicking Franz Ferdinand. For the most part, FFS just do FFS, and on the right day, it’s a joy.
Rolling Stone
Both bands share a wildly eccentric sense of melodrama, which is why the combo clicks.
While some moments are clearly domain of a single entity, the truth is that the six-headed monster don’t always make it that easy, instead opting to blur their sensibilities into a playful, dance rock smear.
Dec 1, 2015
To be honest, I expected more from both bands especially collaboratively. What I got is a collection of cute dance-pop with sprinkles of Sparks & Franz here and there which ultimately assigns this CD to the 'To Be Sold' bin on my desk.
Jul 30, 2015
I want to love this album because of the songs Johnny Delusional and Collaborations Don't Work which I love but on the rest of the record they just overdid it with the odd style.
Jun 19, 2015
Picks: The Man Without a Tan / The Power Couple / Collaborations Don't Work.
Jun 15, 2015
The tongue-in-cheek nature of both Franz Ferdinand and Sparks respective creative outputs has always been a core component of the bands image and critical reception. After teasing the FFS project over a decade ago, the album has finally come to fruition as a marriage of two sounds that, not so surprisingly for those familiar with either act, work perfectly. The bands as separate entities have made it clear this union isn’t a vanity project, but a new creative energy, and the recorded ... read more
Jun 14, 2015
While entering a modern art institute, we receive the indie-dance rhythms coming out of symphonic pop statues and suddenly we watch them dancing!
A smart collaboration that does work!
#23/Rough Trade
#30/Under the Radar
#34/Q Magazine
#34/The Guardian
Track List
  1. Johnny Delusional
  2. Call Girl
  3. Dictator's Son
  4. Little Guy From The Suburbs
  5. Police Encounters
  6. Save Me From Myself
  7. So Desu Ne
  8. The Man Without A Tan
  9. Things I Won't Get
  10. The Power Couple
  11. Collaborations Don't Work
  12. Piss Off
  13. So Many Bridges
  14. King Of The Song
  15. Look At Me
  16. A Violent Death
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