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It's moments like these that we use as benchmarks in the music industry. As I listened to this project, I felt like I could hear the entire history of Alternative Rock from Gothic Rock to Neo-Psychedelia to Noise Rock. You can also hear, more so than on other projects, Punk being constructed into Alternative. I could only imagine how much this may have gotten people's heads stirring at the time this record was released.

Let's start with the instrumental layering because it's fantastic. ... read more

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The Roots just keep on improving.

This project manages to be more intriguing and compelling to listen to with a better crop of choruses and hooks and excellent features to boot. Jazz-influenced tracks had been their calling card up to that point, but here they also include some tracks with Neo-Soul influences (The Hypnotic, What They Do) with quality execution. With the aforementioned features, Q-Tip, Common, M.A.R.S., and Raphael Saadiq have to be the best features on this project and add ... read more
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I might have to listen to this again at some point, but I felt underwhelmed after listening to this. MOTM was one of my favorite albums of all-time at one point and I still enjoy it, but the rest of his solo discography isn't anything that I enjoy too much. With that being said, I was intrigued going into this album and thought he would release something else that I can enjoy as much as MOTM, but I was disappointed. I can appreciate the Neo-Psychedelia influences that are all over this project ... read more
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Anything I say here won't be anything different than what other people have said. Undo, Hidden Place and Unison are some of my favorite tracks ever written while being surrounded by more excellent sequencing, vocal performances, and instrumental layering that she managed to perfect on this LP. It's hard to find any major or small problems with this album so it's a Historically Excellent 10 and a staple of Art Pop.

Fav Tracks: Basically everything
Least Favs: N/a
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Yeah...this album is very bad. I know that this is only their debut, but it is not a very good starting point (like, AT ALL). The singing is terrible throughout and the instrumentals sound like a bunch of Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat rip-offs. The biggest example of this would have to be “Electromud” as it sounds like Jello Biafra and Ian MacKaye coming together to make the worst hardcore punk track imaginable in a track that is arguably the worst track on here. Truth be told, ... read more
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Mr. Carter’s follow-up to the legendary Reasonable Doubt happens to be filled with high highs and low lows. We still get the sense that Jay has great flow, lyrical ability, and delivery throughout this project, but the track concepts don’t always reinforce Jay’s skill as an MC well whether it’s the underwhelming structural concepts, forgettable intros, or the general bad ideas that surround Jay’s quality verses.

By far, the biggest example of this would have to be ... read more


Feb 22, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Apr 20, 2020
that's awesome! thank you so much I'm VERY excited to watch it. So excited for your thoughts!!!
Apr 19, 2020
I subbed to your channle. If you wanna do a review of my album on your channel, I'd be happy to direct my fans to your video. i got 2.5k streams first week on it.

Yo, you may not know who I am but I just put out my first project of 3 I'm releasing this year. I tried 8 different styles and really tried to keep the whole thing engaging throughout, it has mainly elements of hiphop and you'll see me try my best to follow in the steps of new artists like Slowthai and Joey Bada$$. I got it properly mixed and mastered and I hope I can win you over with at least one track. Give it a try and review it, I would love and appreciate some feedback. All love <3
-Sol (Soundcloud) (Spotify) (Apple Music) (Youtube) (AOTY)


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I'm a huge Alt-Rock fan, but I enjoy all kinds of music and am continuously getting immersed in other genres. My Alt-Rock deep-dive project will rage for a while.

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