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Dynade -
The golden rule of online video conferencing in 2020 is to not post the link online for any rando to join, but Charli XCX broke that rule many, many times during the creation of her album, which was recorded primarily in front of a live audience on Zoom. Charli has always been a rule breaker, and in the most restricted year of her life she has managed to break the barriers and reach more people than ever. Despite having 100% less features compared to her previous self-titled album, she is more ... read more
Dynade -
Something that I think gets overlooked when talking about this album is its humor. Many of my favorite lines are the wryly sarcastic ones where Bridgers lets us in on her lighthearted and fun side. My favorite lyric is "It's amazing to me how much you can say when you don't know what you're talking about" which is funny to me because I am totally unaware about how shit and inaccurate my reviews are. Phoebe seems like a funny person; she dresses up in a skeleton costume and sings in ... read more
Dynade -
It's really just a compilation, so the songs are best reviewed as individuals, or at least by grouping the similar songs together. Generally speaking, and based on one to three listens for each track (I don't think this is getting another listen as a whole), the better tracks are the ones that avoid the trap of making something absurdly experimental just because it's 100 gecs related. Songs like the A.G. Cook, and to a lesser extent, Injury Reserve fail in this category, though the latter is a ... read more
Dynade -
In some ways, II is just TNGHT picking up where they left off from in 2012. This EP is still full of club bangers buzzing their way around; it still has its share of pitchy builds and drops . But the seven year gap of time between the two projects has left a dynamic shift in the trap scene and the trap sound, which means that II is quite distinct from its predecessor. For one, the style of festival trap that TNGHT helped usher in has been replaced with quirkier house style tracks after the ... read more
Dynade -
I fear that some of the ratings going into this are a little rash considering this is one of Kanye’s most experimental albums, and consequently, one of his most difficult to digest. Having said that, I feel like it’s more appropriate for me to hold off on completely analyzing this album. However, that doesn’t stop me from having some early thoughts.

This is one Kanye’s grandest albums in a while, at least since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Watch the Throne. For ... read more


Aug 1, 2019
Haha thanks buddy!
Jun 13, 2019
Ouch. I know it's an album a lot of people hold dear. I almost refrained from rating it tbh lol. It is weird, but I think it says a lot about the guy. In a good way. Wiggling his way into everyone's life one way or another
Jun 13, 2019
Lmao yeah. His discography is super hit or miss for me. I found it kinda average ngl. That's just me tho.
Jun 10, 2019
ok he's back now. He was just getting a 6 hour break
Jun 10, 2019
He will return...
Jun 9, 2019
My profile picture shows the cuts of all albums which Melon gave 10/10 and besides it is a bit fucked like all the avatars I do. I plan to do something new soon
May 18, 2019
No need to apologize for not following! We're all just one big community that love to share music with each other, so what matters is that everyone is supportive. Also, you should have more followers for your reviews! (I just read your BTS review and you mentioned so many important points that should be acknowledged!)
Apr 18, 2019
Dynade, any recommendations for me?
Apr 17, 2019
Lol that would be a fun line
Apr 15, 2019
thank you so nuch for your positive shout, dynade. im trying not to be critical that much. i see a lot of good sides to every albums i listened eventhough they are all variety. im an eclectic music listener so i do appreciate every albums i hear. if ever i encounter an album thayt might not click my taste, i just went to their lyrics content for consideration and if it fails, i just rather dont put to my aoty review/rating.

hey if you ever have recs for me please don't hesitate to drop some!


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