Jun 25, 2018
Holy f*****g s**t..

The production by SOPHIE, the evolution of the sound, the genre blending and coverage, the warm and fresh sound from start to finish.
Like a perfect cross between Gorillaz - Demon Days and Death Grips - The Money Store.
An accessible yet loud and powerful sound from Hot Pink's cool, warm sound to the distorted and punchy chorus. Snakes & Ladders beautiful guitar intro into a swaying finish, each track has a personality.

While all of this could be perceived as ... read more
Jun 24, 2018
A more accessible album of late but still the originality is fading into the general pop culture and they are losing sense of their brilliance.
What started as an alternative hip hop group is now becoming a basic pop boy band.

In other points though, the sound is still strong and is an all round quality album.
Feb 16, 2018
Beautiful sound all the way through this album, it keeps a vibe which is the sign of a well thought out and orchestrated album. Production is crisp and warm, perfect length.
Only thing stopping this from being a 100 is would like a couple of funkier tracks in this to mix it up a bit, but other than that - which isn't really a fault, best album of the year so far.
Oct 10, 2017*
If this isn't a good album. Then what do the people want?

Still capturing the slow moody mood of current London. Giving a more punk influenced sound, very much Pixies influenced. Evolving, and the critics still don't get it?
Covering so much over a career and it feels this is the last piece of what you could see coming through, a faster moving band, a cleaner-tighter sound, finishing in a Demon Days way of 3 half connecting songs as a slow fade out. Great ending to a punchy album. Even giving ... read more
Aug 19, 2017
This is a great pop band album. has some solid writing involved
Aug 19, 2017
This is a very interesting album. I think it will be higher rated as years go on. Treat it as a new artist because there's alot of great tracks on this. his flow is perfect. it is NOT grime anymore. this is a well put together album and has a vibe to it, not like alot of this playlist shite that goes about
Aug 19, 2017
It's bait grime but there's just bangers upon bangers. You can't go wrong really
Aug 19, 2017
There's like 1 okay track. It's just a bait pop album. nothing special here. don't believe the hype
Aug 19, 2017
It's Funky
May 1, 2017
If it wasn't for 'Not Addicted'

This would be one of the greatest of all time, of not already.

this album is more than a classic, as Skinner says on OPM 'It's a movement'

People like Sleaford Mods, King Krule and even you could say, the present Drum n Bass scene, has been heavily influenced by this album. It's such deep story telling and it was so out of the blue to do so.

It isn't looking to be classic music, it's very shy doing it. Skinner just simply wants to tell it how it is and it ... read more
May 1, 2017
It's a very difficult album to review.
I am a huge Gorillaz fan so if you are too, maybe have a read.

Demon Days changed my life. I listened for hours as a kid, pulling apart every hit of an instrument, every lyric, drawing for hours. It's incredibly deep and the narrative is just jaw dropping, I notice something new EVERY time I listen, don't get that alot.

Plastic Beach, I hated when it came out. I slowly began to love but it took a couple years, listening over and over and just the ... read more
Apr 24, 2017
Very few albums in the past decade have been almost perfection. This is a perfect soundtrack to an ever changing future and a capture of what once was
Mar 3, 2017
Sleaford Mods, a band/project like no other. They are fusing a new musical genre into the music scene and now they have announced a North American tour? It goes to show that people on the other side of the pond and receiving it as well as we are when such music as Grime could not even reach to them.

This album is punctual as ever and they have so much room to grow. Fearn and Williamson have done it good, started a style that is so minimal they can ONLY grow. Each EP and Album has a pinch of ... read more
Oct 29, 2016
This masterpiece is the soundtrack to a gritty life in London. Maybe more appreciated if you are from there but, no other artist this century has dared try and do something as different as Mike Skinner has.
Only time will show he has started a new movement with artists like King Krule, Sleaford Mods and Slaves, where Electro-Punk is making a real dent in the music scene. This album will be a classic in 20 years
Oct 28, 2016
I truly believe they are getting stronger and stronger. They have released an EP and showed that, from the bottom they have given us hard beats, funky and flowing tunes with 2, minimal, punchy instruments and have added ever so slight instruments over each song over 5 albums/EP's until they have set themselves up for an easy ride out.

Best Track - I Can Tell
Oct 28, 2016
In my belief. The greatest album ever made. I could never sum it up in a 1000 word paragraph. But no music that has ever been written has had this many genres, influences, featuring artists, feelings, emotions, beautifully constructed and orchestrated music like Damon Albarn has done here.
from MF Dooms incredible lines to a beat so simple to the truly deep story of Fire Coming Out Of A Monkeys Head. Nothing will ever come close to this album.

Only time will evolve this album into the classic ... read more
Oct 28, 2016
I think this album is the devoted companion to summer. You could play this on the darkest day and make it truly feel like its blaring heat in a park on a perfect day. Every track makes you smile from ear to ear. Funky, melodic, feel good music.

I think every average review is giving it a review in aspect to their first album... they haven't done anything since I was almost born!! It is not going to be the same. treat it as new music and this band have swept the music scene this year.

best ... read more
Oct 28, 2016
Solid album. Nothing new and shocking but just all round solid listen.
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