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Björk - Atopos
Sep 6
Gunna - DS4EVER
Jan 11

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Quadeca - Born Yesterday
Quadeca is back with a new single and it’s easily the best I’ve heard from him so far, however I’m not really blown away with what I heard. The production pretty much puts this track on its back as it’s easily the best aspect. The track opens with a very smooth and somber string rhythm that slowly builds with a few minor accompaniments while the volume sees a slight increase as well. There are also some electronic elements added throughout the intro to the track that ... read more
Björk - Atopos
Bjork’s latest single is an amazing display of surreal mastery in a way that’s groovy and abstract, yet beautiful at the same time.

Bjork is, by all means, a top notch artist. The vocals, the production, the versatility, everything about her music is remarkable and the mark she’s left on this industry is larger than most artists can even dream of. Well, she’s back and it’s clear with this release that she’s only getting better from where she left off most ... read more

Arctic Monkeys - There'd Better be a Mirrorball
Arctic Monkeys returns with a great single that is steps above their other more recent work.

There’s something about the feeling of this track that’s really just too gorgeous to put into words. The production is really beautiful. It opens the song up with a very delightful feel as the chords lay out a beautiful pace and harmony for the vocals to build off of. These faint chords continue through the vocals and are accompanied by a slow, yet effective drum pattern. At about the ... read more

System of a Down - Toxicity

(Hello again. I’ll be making changes to the way I run my account from here on out. If you want, skip this review and go to the bottom paragraph to see my thoughts on the 7 month absence I’ve taken from here.)

Over my super long break from this site, I’ve listened to a lot of albums across numerous genres. Some of them have been great, others not so much. However, I haven’t found anything noteworthy enough to return from my absence for. That was the case until ... read more

Gunna - DS4EVER
(Apologies for the incredibly long break as well as for this review being shorter than mine usually are. There's not a whole lot to say about this project)

Gunna releases another bland, uninteresting album with nothing that sets it apart from his other releases.

At this point, I’ll really just always expect this type of thing from Gunna. For someone who’s reached his level of success within the industry, he really sounds like he could care less about music on this project. I ... read more


Hello, I am making a community list and if you're interested in contributing I would appreciate your input. I have been interested to execute this research for a while so I hope to get as many responses as possible. You just have to answer a simple question: Do you use light mode or dark mode on the AOTY site? You can also give an explanation on why you use either one. Thanks a lot if you decide to answer!
i completely forgot i sent this lmao sorry i dont remember doing that
uhhhhhhhhhhh anyways i guess my favorites would probably be Pharoah Sander's Karma, Coltrane's A Love Supreme, Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, Mingus' Let My Children Hear Music and Dave Brubeck's Time Out. yeah. ok. lol
1. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
2. Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
3. Duke Ellington - At Newport
4. Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma
5. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
when are you gonna ask me for my favorite jazz albums bb
please im such a jazzhead pls pls pls pls
i don't listen to a lot of jazz but this one is a hidden gem :)
Hi! Thank you for the opportunity!
1. In A Silent Way - Miles Davis
2. Mosaic - Art Blakey
3. Kind of Blue - Miles Davis
4. Karma - Pharaoh Sanders
5. Moanin' - Art Blakey and The Jazz Messangers
Not a jazz head, but you gotta put the Miles Davis Bitches Brew, and Kind of Blue, Classic John Coltrane and the Charles Mingus, Maybe some latin jazz, like Ondatropica or Charlie Byrd,

Also, check out Bags & Trane by John Coltrane and Milt Jackson, (Fantastic jazz record with beautiful vibraphone, it's an oldie and deserves to be on the list), but personal preference is in line. Good luck with your list, god bless.
Hey, sorry I’m not really much of a Jazz man myself so I don’t really know but good luck
Hey big man, sorry it took a while to respond I just had a huge ass exam period and I took a lil break from the site. Anyways, these are my top 5:

1. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
2. Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
3. Louis Armstrong - The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings
4. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
5. Jelly Roll Morton - Presenting Jelly Roll Morton

Thanks for including me.
thanks for asking! :)
1. Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
2. Pharoah Sanders - Black Unity
3. Bruno Pernadas - Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles (lower to let the true jazz records shine)
4. John Coltrane - Ascension
Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch

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