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slowthai - TYRON
Feb 12

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Matthew38 -
Plastic Beach is an absolute masterpiece of an album, with these wholesome tracks that you still want to come back to after 10 years.
Gorillaz orchestrates diverse synth masterpiece instrumental journey. After coming off one of the greatest albums of all time, Gorillaz hit everybody with the unexpected with Plastic Beach. Unlike Demon Days, Plastic Beach had a ton of features, adding to the amazing sound diversity within the music. A lot of the songs are very accessible and easy to come ... read more

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Matthew38 -
No misses so far
Matthew38 -
Easily one of MF Dooms worst projects. (Hahaha get it)
Matthew38 -
That s me on the cover. WOW.


May 5, 2021
I agree with ON GP at #1, but The Fever and I've Seen Footage are close behind
May 5, 2021
it's been my name for around a year, i mained it on discord then i just gradually made it my alias
Apr 30, 2021
Oh cool, I'll check it out later today
Apr 29, 2021
Cool list 👍
Apr 29, 2021
I’m like 3 off damn
Apr 26, 2021
yeah lol, love stankonia
Apr 25, 2021
im really happy you got me on outkast its my 2nd most played artist on rn
Apr 20, 2021
yes :)
Apr 11, 2021
I forgot AAT but yeah that would be below iridescence for me
Apr 9, 2021
Sat 3
Sat 1
Sat 2
Iridescence (only one below an 8 for me)

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