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Sep 18

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FKA Twigs' second full length album, MAGDALENE, is a harrowing and gripping collage of lovelorn pain. Through her paradoxically sparse musical landscape and marvelous deconstruction of pop/rnb sounds and ideas, Twigs is able to explore themes of isolation, anguish, and desire in a uniquely beautiful way.

Sonically, MAGDALENE is a treat to the ears. The production is exceptionally distinct, offering some of the most interesting musical choices I've heard in a while. It also works amazingly ... read more

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MSK3 -
Incredibly generic and boring. With a few exceptions, everything sounds the same, and Rivers Cuomo's voice is still less pleasant than that of a depressed adolescent singing Creep.

Despite my dislike of the Blue Album, I still appreciated the ideas that Weezer brought to the table. However, by the Green Album, those same boring romantic ideas have since become massively overblown and trite. The songwriting isn't revolting, but it's still patently stale. It's not quite a non-album, but it's ... read more
MSK3 -
Tbh, it's a lot better than what people said it was. Even though each song isn't perfect, they all make up for the mistakes of the others, and present a rather unique portrait of Kanye that I hadn't experienced before.
MSK3 -
Fucking awesome.

Each song builds on the album listening experience, meshing together to from a wave of sound and emotion that overpowers you. Lonerism comes out of the gate running with Be Above It, an amazing opener that simultaneous whips you into a frenzy while at the time calming you. Be Above It sets the general tone and mood of the album, but each song that comes after it manages to delve into different thoughts and production while still following a tightly tracked and calculated ... read more
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I've been a pretty casual fan of Zach Farache, or Verzache, for a year or two now. His first album, Thought Pool, isn't his best work so far, but it's an interesting project that displays the potential that Verzache has as an artist.

8 tracks and 26 minutes long, Thought Pool reflects the ebb and flow of Zach's mental state, detailing the breakdown of his emotions and his relationship problems. His instrumentation is unique, incorporating indie pop, indie rock, and trap aesthetics into his ... read more
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As someone who'd assumed that Buttercup was the only piece of music worthy of listening to from Jack Stauber, I am happy to say that Pop Food is a good ass album, and great fun to listen to.

Koi Boy, Oh Klahoma, and Buttercup are my personal favorites here, but the rest of the album is still chock full of great indie pop songs.
Sep 20, 2020
Hey there, thanks for the kind words! I just read your review of MAGDALENE and found it was really well written and brought in some great insight. I read your recent Tame Impala review as well and also found it was strong. It’s awesome that you’re working on improving and it definitely seems to me that you’re putting in some serious work.
I like da muzak.

Oh I'm sorry snowflake, did I OFFEND you? Do you want a bandaid? Do you want a hug? Do you want a kiss? I will kiss you. I will do it. Right on the mouth. Come here snowflake.. that's it.. your lips are so soft, snowflake.. mnnhm... ah...... snowflake..........

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