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Jul 25, 2019*
So I finished my first listen of The Sailor by Rich Brian. I was already pleasantly surprised by Yellow and Kids so I admit I had some expectations for this album which I didn't have previously. Overall, I think this album is great and a significant step up from Brian's previous work. His rapping is good the production is amazing and he's great at singing too. He definitely wears his influences on his sleeve,not that's a bad thing though. I felt influence from Tyler the Creator and Kendrick ... read more
Jun 22, 2019
This album is fantastic. Possibly one of the best hip-hop albums ever/best albums ever made. It sure is one of my favourites.
Jun 18, 2019
A solid debut album. Great production, some nice lyrics and vocals from Kali Uchis. Honestly there's not really much for me to say, I enjoyed the album thoroughly from start to finish. For a debut album, if this is the bar she's set for her career with, I can't wait for more.
Jun 12, 2019
I've listened to this album multiple times and I have changed my rating accordingly. Being a kid in the 2000s, I have heard a few songs from this album, in particular, Heartless and Love Lockdown. In my journey to expand my taste in music, I have listened to pretty much every Kanye album minus Yeezus but I think I need to give the other albums more listens before I can give a proper review. My initial listen of this album, well it wasn't that positive, I think I gave the album a 70. But over ... read more
Jun 4, 2019*
EDIT: I've given this album another listen, I like it more. 65 was a little low for this album. I have updated the score.

So this is my first time listening to the artist Denzel Curry. This album, ZUU is left me disappointed. I feel Curry has some great lyricism, a favourite lyric of mine from this album "Used to be on LSD, but now my life is all a trip." but marred by sub-par production on most of this album. For example, the song "Automatic" sounded like your average rap ... read more
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