Valeyard -
Valeyard -
Why is this so short queen
Valeyard -
If you still doubted Bo's songwriting talent, perhaps a performance by one of the most talented women in today's music will dispel those doubts.
Valeyard -
Skip A sides next time. Feed us the leftovers instead
Valeyard -
Listen, I could write about how great the production of each track is. I could go into detail about each song and dissect it.
But it's pointless.
I cried. It was just what I needed and this album has fallen from heaven with its heavenly sound.
There is no bad. It's good, very good, incredibly good and at last - marvellous.
Thank you, Sufjan.
Valeyard -
U goin to horny jail 🐕🔨*bonk*
Valeyard -
This is the best sounding Lana since the NFR era.
Valeyard -
I can't believe they're back. Like back back
Valeyard -
This is SO 2010. What the hell
Valeyard -
My 1600th rating and I've just reached 280 follows. Thank you all!
I love that some of the songs start really happy and then gradually get more and more depressing. Reminds me of my ordinary day.
Valeyard -
"The Best, The Mid and The Bad " by Kanye West
We waited for so long. How many projects had to die for this one to live?
And listening to Donda that's just my main thought. You can feel so many different influences here. There's a little bit of 808, there's a lot of Yeezus and fantastic moments like on Graduation and even College Dropout.
Maybe in a few years, we'll be glad to have something like this. Because if this is his last album it's good that it looks like a ... read more
Valeyard -
It's really okay Anthony. You can tell us who left the stinky shoe in your school locker. No need to take it out on the entire shoe industry anymore.
Valeyard -
Sorry but, the only Lorde thing about this album is her voice. Might as well put Lana or Taylor on these tracks and nothing would change.
Valeyard -
I wanted 'Donda' to be my 300th review.
But I think you'll forgive me if that honour goes to the best single I've heard this year?
I don't want to jinx it, but after two singles this new album promises to be brilliant. My heart is breaking. I'm not holding back 100 on this single and I won't hold back on the album if I have to.
Valeyard -
Damn. Must hear if you ask me
Valeyard -
I want Donda to be my 300th review.

This is amazing. But it's Laura so is anyone shocked?
'Paradise' is a wonderful song. Perfectly captures a whole essence of this album.
Valeyard -
I was a bit afraid if I am to be honest. The singles were very hit or miss, besides I couldn't really imagine how they would fit into the concept of the album.
One thing can be said for sure. What an appropriate album title. Billie has accustomed us to songs associated with memetic 'fourteen-year-olds crying to everything'.
Here you can feel the happiness from the very beginning. Despite the fact that the album starts quite slowly and very much in Billie's style, the further into the forest we ... read more
Valeyard -
Another mini project from Samia and once again she has not let me down.
What's more, her songwriting continues to grow. I predict that her next album will be a serious competitor in this boygenius genre bubble
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