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Yaysuz -
Gibraltar transports me forwards to Taxi, a band which formed from the ashes of Melon Diesel's burnout. And as shouldn't be surprising, Taxi brings the same flavour of Latin rock flavour of Melon Diesel, however, to a slightly lesser calibre. Mirando Atras was released a full seven years after Melon Diesel's Hombre En El Espejo, and it is not a stretch to say that the music has not progressed one bit. In fact, the opening track off of Hombre En El Espejo, Grita, is also featured on this album, ... read more
Yaysuz -
My Gibraltarian quest brings me forwards to the deep depths of music's armpit. Guy Valarino is my newest subject in this meaningless deep dive. In front of me, a twenty-two minute EP filled with indie vibes on the album cover. Consider the time frame, perhaps a Latin Jason Mraz copycat.

But I take that bite, and I subject myself to the mediocre songwriting and drab lyrical themes. The song are subpar at best, boringly charming and forgettable. Perhaps the lone solo here and there gets the ... read more
Yaysuz -
My exploration of Gibraltar brings me forwards. I leave from Latin rock to Flamenco metal. Oh my, I think to myself, this is going to be fun.

Breed 77 is a band whose roots lie deeply in Gibraltar, but whose music has mainly existed in the British metal underground. Their discography is vast, and I am going to go through it soon, but my project limited myself to only one album per artist, so "Cultura" will have to do.

Breed 77 reminds me a lot of System of a Down with a Spanish ... read more
Yaysuz -
My musical oddities never end, do they? Why did I choose the niche country of Gibraltar to do a musical bypass of? Anyways, my search led me to the band of Melon Diesel, a now-disbanded Gibraltarian rock band that saw relative success in Spain, fusing the stereotypical Latin rock with flavors of grunge. My eyes honed in on their catalog, gobsmacked by the song "Grita", a song which probably references a grill or something, and its play-count of Spotify. "This is the album," ... read more
Yaysuz -
It has been a while since I wrote down my thoughts on something. Lately, I have been trying my best to uncover the nichest of the niche music scenes and their associated artists. And through the magic of Wolfram Alpha random country generator, I was blessed with checking out the music of Gibraltar, a country that I think about maybe once every 3 years. My google searching left me with a plethora (which in reality is something like 3 to 4 maximum) artists which I could give a listen to. The ... read more
Oct 7, 2020
Mar 12, 2020
La merke til at du følger meg, så jeg vil gjerne fortelle deg at ikke bare har du god smak i musikk; du lager også noen av de mest omfattende og velskrevne vurderingene på AOTY.
Jan 10, 2020
Thanks for the follow!
Aug 24, 2019
Your reviews are great, you deserve way more followers.
Aug 23, 2019
Cause I regularly check you profile to see what you've posted, lol. Your reviews are some of my favorites on the site and I hope they get more attention!
Aug 1, 2019
Hey, just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoyed reading your reviews! Also, welcome to
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