The Sciences
Sleep - The Sciences
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Metal Injection
I dont smoke weed. im' High.

To the sober ear, the drawn-out chugging riffs, which are the foundation of the band's sound, come off as stretched and border dangerously on the verge of repetition. But stoned, those riffs are ploughing the fields of your mind, pulling you into a deep hypnotic state washing everything away with rich distortion.

The album is, in the purest and most straightforward sense, a logical and hugely satisfying progression for Sleep and a very worthy follow-up to their previous work.

The essential trick of The Sciences—and the reason it feels like more than an overdue cash-in—is these 40something dudes have managed to grow up without growing old. Their minds are still focused on weed and the escape that it offers, but that’s just the gag; these riffs, rhythms, and the mantra-like singing of Al Cisneros are a drug unto themselves, evidence of a band that’s improved upon their animating idea.

Consequence of Sound
The group seem rejuvenated with a long road ahead of them, something no one could have expected prior to this release. Further, it confirms why they are considered the greatest stoner doom band of all time, one of doom metal’s greatest treasures, one of metal’s biggest crossover acts in the broader underground musical world, and one of the greatest heavy rock bands to roam the planet.
Tiny Mix Tapes

The Sciences is good because, unlike a lot of music influenced by Black Sabbath, it distills the greatest aspects of Sabbath and presses them on into infinity: the huge riffs, the psychedelic backdrops, the wayfaring solos.

The Needle Drop

Stoner metal titan Sleep makes a hell of a comeback with The Sciences, which encompasses both the band's classic sound and influences from the members' other creative endeavors over the past 15 years.


After splitting up in disillusion over the London affair, Al Cisneros’s crew reconvened in 2009 for sporadic activity, and have customarily not rushed into nailing The Sciences, nor departed from their rubric of Burroughsian ganja myth-spinning ... set to eardrum-busting, down-tuned slo-mo jams.

Apr 23, 2018
(Anybody who rates this low) : Bet you weren't high enough, bro
Apr 30, 2018
As aged as most of these compositions are, the joined efforts of both the band (with Neurosis' drummer Jason Roeder on board) and the producers at Jack White's Third Man Records manage to bring out the absolute best in Sleep's seasoned trajectory. With a few due exceptions, what we get here is an undeniable stoner-metal masterclass, a trippy, never-ending conceptual voyage to the utmost limits of human consciousness, tinged with the spiritual guidance of Al Cisneros' ever hypnotic vocal ... read more
Apr 24, 2018
Ahhhh now this album is a nice refreshing break from the emo that all my watchers constantly corner me into listening to. Just heavy riffs... rewarding songs with massive song lengths... it just feels good.

I cannot get behind these vocals though, they are certainly dull in comparison to what I would expect from a "Doom Metal" sound.
May 1, 2018
Giza Butler did nothing for me but the rest of this album, while it could easily border on repetitive or monotonous, does a good job at weaving an atmosphere that is utterly enthralling - due to how big a chunk GB is I need to knock it down a bit but it might grow on me on my third or fourth listen.
Apr 20, 2018
Do yourself a favor guys and listen to this.
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Track List
  1. The Sciences
  2. Marijuanaut's Theme
  3. Sonic Titan
  4. Antarcticans Thawed
  5. Giza Butler
  6. The Botanist

Added on: April 19, 2018