Feb 16, 2019
Absolute garbage. The concepts, lyricism, the experimental sounds, all around total and complete garbage. A pandering group filled with more opinions than intellect that mask their ignorance in experimentation and unusual incorporation of sounds and instrumentation. Their albums jumps around significantly, while variety is great, this seems purposeless and misdirected. Overall, I'm thoroughly unimpressed, and at times actively frustrated and annoyed.
Feb 16, 2019
AOTW 2/8/2019

Mediocre release week.

I despised Sweetener and thought it was thoroughly undeserving of the pop Grammy. However, this album serves as a stark contrast to the TERRIBLE Pharrell production. I've always hated Pharrell as a produce and writer, and her entire last album had him smeared across the entire project.

For this album I enjoyed the incorporation of trap sounds (which is surprising given how exhausted I typically am in today's music). Ariana's greatest strength is, as it ... read more
Feb 7, 2019*
Another mediocre release week. I did thoroughly enjoy this album though. I find Daddi incredibly powerful and evocative song. I also greatly appreciate stupid fish. I get a deep connection with our evolutionary past where we all have ancestors that were fish.

AOTW 2/1/2019 => 78

This album has grown on me substantially. Her voice, especially when she stretches it, is so encapsulating!

Had to come back and adjust my rating, contending for AOTY (2/16/2019) => 82
Jan 31, 2019
This week, relative to last week, is pretty disappointing. Boogie's blend of West Cost rap and Chance-the-rapper sounding gospel vocals create a unique, diverse and pleasant sound across the album. His voice is hardly a standout in a saturated rap industry, but his individuality and diverse skill set create a wider blend of sounds than most rap albums released to-date.

I enjoy his ability to sing and rap pretty fluidly. This dynamic creates both catchy hooks and easy to follow rap flows. ... read more
Jan 28, 2019*
Stunning, exquisite, beautiful, genre defying. His smooth vocals and incorporation of piano and hip hop combine for incredibly catchy hooks and mind-bending conceptual songs that are equally intoxicating and emotionally evocative.

Only down side is the trap snares are bit excessive across the album, but that seems to be the sounds of modern music now-a-days.

AOTY => (01/28/2019) 91

Not aging quite as well as I had hoped, still in contention for AOTY, though Cherry Glazer put on a strong ... read more
Jan 7, 2019*
Revisited this album a few times now. There are some tracks that are really strong, however its less cohesive than my first few times through. I think they have potential and some interesting production, however, this isn't an album that will make much of an impact across 2019. See my original review below and my ratings adjustment.

Wow, read the reviews before I listened to the album. Serious miss. First time through the album I could see really serious potential. While I acknowledge ... read more
Jan 2, 2019
Cut and paste every generic line, beat and topic from all other rap albums. Except use exactly the same flow all the time and you'd get this album.

RETURN - wait is this a different song? Flow is a tiny bit different I guess
Slow Down - Oh snap, this is definitely a new song, idk if that's a good thing... balance hurts my ears...
PHASE - Wait did this song happen, I didn't even notice
ONLY ONE - Content wise, its pretty generic, 'I sleep with girls and don't trust my girl' ... read more
Dec 27, 2018
Sounds so outdated and unoriginal. Nothing obviously bad about the music, just nothing really enjoyable.
Dec 19, 2018
Been following Chris for about a decade now. There was a substantial growth in talent and musical product around 3-4 years ago, about the time he released Webster's Laboratory 2. Since that release he's produced a consistent, moderate, level of quality that hasn't strayed much from his staccato delivery, pop beat, and aggressive content matter.

This is pretty much a continuation of his Wednesday mixtape from last year. A summation of the releases on Wednesdays throughout the 2018 year. ... read more
Dec 12, 2018
Elevator Music
Dec 10, 2018
This project is surprisingly well-rounded considering the uniformity of the singles that he released early. I mean, Token is still a young rapper that's barely ventured out of the fast cadence, in-your-face delivery, with overwhelmingly stereotypical beats, but his growth from his last project to this one is evident.

His general content reminds me of less metaphoric NF. His aggressive delivery reminds me of Eminem. He fits neatly in the white rapper category. However, I think from a talent ... read more
Dec 6, 2018
Thoroughly surprised by how much I enjoyed this EP. Wish the Earl Sweatshirt album sounded more like E. Coli. The features on this album each absolutely shine, often better than their respective albums (except Black Thought who is having a stellar year). I'm particularly impressed with the production and sampling across the album. Its smooth and has the aesthetic of relaxed, effortless beauty.

Second and third times through the album solidified this as one of the best produced albums this ... read more
Dec 5, 2018
... nahh.... it ain't that great... an experiment you say? sometimes experiments don't work out that well... like this

Several of the samples are redundant and almost painful (ex. Red Water)

His vocals are muffled by most of the production

The balance being so off is hardly 'experimental' but more 'off sounding'

Still, an interesting production, after a few times through I could see how someone would enjoy it. Overall its pretty underwhelming.
Nov 29, 2018
FINALLY! A quality rap album that's not completely covered in trap drums! In contention for rap album of the year. Touches on a variety of valuable and interesting topics in Black Thought's historically unique and powerful way. Definitely worth a couple times through, so much valuable insight and word-play that you catch something new every time. I also enjoyed the fact that its a bit longer than vol 1, really showcasing how much material he can produce without sacrificing quality or ... read more
Nov 26, 2018
Been a big JID fan since his album last year. He's got a high quality delivery, does well on a variety of different beats and manages to touch on a variety of topics and stay pretty lighthearted. However, the change from the Never Story to DiCaprio 2 is not a progression in the right direction. While he maintains his stellar flow, his variety of beats and general humorous and enjoyable bars, his content is more generic, like the beats, and there doesn't appear to be much development except a ... read more
Nov 14, 2018
Jon Bellion continues with his endearing and relate-able lyricism and topical songs. However, the slightly shorter nature to the album left me wanting more, the album felt incomplete on a conceptual level. Additionally, compared to THC, this songs seem more disconnected and less centralized. There are some really emotionally powerful songs. As evocative and moving as the album is, the continuous growth that JB has shown in his previous 3 albums stopped here, hope he returns to form next ... read more
Nov 13, 2018
Wow, this is incredible! Eclectic, genre pushing and it sounds extremely interesting. Its production is so smooth for how harsh so many of the incorporated sounds could be. An incredible piece of work.

Only my first time through but enjoying it thoroughly: 11/13/2018 => 79
Nov 12, 2018*
The last 6 months consisted of DEEP dives into historical and modern Jazz. A genre of which I've spent little time in my formative years, has become a staple of my listening palette. Front and center is this special album that turned it all around for me. The greatest Jazz album ever made, by a group of the most talented musicians, is absolutely stunning.
Nov 5, 2018
Reminds me of Big Boi's Boomiverse album with the classic Vince Staple production and sound painted over it.

First time through I was underwhelmed, felt like Vince wasn't pushing his usual boundaries. By rounds 3-5 I was really appreciating and now its definitely a 'staple' this year. But compared to his other releases and work, its certainly one of the worst. That said, the worst VS album is still better than 90% of the music out there.

PS It wasn't until the 4 time through the album that ... read more
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