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Aug 30, 2019
1) I just noticed how productive Lana is. This is her fifth album (as Lana Del Rey) in like 7 years. How she manages to put out this amount of music and manage to make every album a completely different musical mood is impressive. Her lyrics are steadfastly Lana, but she's sharpened them with each album and continues to get better and better. It's something that despite how many influences she claims that I've only ever thought of Lana when listening to Lana.

2) The title and this cover art ... read more
Aug 24, 2019
Missy was the first person I ever stanned to the point I had to know everything about them. I was in the sixth grade obsessed with her, so much so I was literally known for singing her songs in class. So. I’m glad she’s back. I just wish she’d given us something a bit... juicier.
Aug 23, 2019
1) My favorite moments on this album come from the soft electronic flourishes throughout and the lyrics. The lyrics on almost every song are some of the best I've ever heard on one of Taylor's albums. There's a nicely even mix of punchy, bubblegum pop and acoustic country-esque songs. I didn't really feel like this album dragged at all, even songs I haven't really connected with yet still feel like they could grow on me. I don't actively dislike a single song. And there are EIGHTEEN of them. ... read more
Jun 12, 2019
A lot of bro-country music is too easily dismissed as being contrived, but the word "contrive" necessarily connotes artifice; the state of being a falsity, a guise. That is not this. Growing up in small towns throughout Arkansas and Texas means that the stories and characters which populate this album's thankfully brief ten songs are, for better and worse, intimately known to me. The holy trinity of the trucks, the beer, and surface level gospel - all dangling on a cross around the ... read more
Apr 26, 2019
I suppose many artists I love have made albums I don't care for, but with many of those I've at least felt like "Well, at least they're trying something different." This... doesn't even have that going for it. There's zero personality and zero experimentation, both of which are the big sellers of all her past records for me. At the same time, I hope this is the album she truly wanted to make because the idea of her cynically succumbing to trend-chasing honestly makes me feel really ... read more
Jul 12, 2019
Wow, we have almost the same taste
Jan 6, 2019
Oh jeez! Thank you! That means a lot to me <3
Jan 6, 2019
Thank you so much for following me ^_^
Jan 2, 2019
Dec 31, 2018
I feel the same!!! You just want to talk for hours about it!!! This is such a masterpiece... :)
Dec 30, 2018
I'm so happy to see that you gave Wide Awake a 100 :))))
100: Albums I've emotionally latched on to like a lifebuoy in the middle of the ocean
90: Perfect but hasn't saved my life yet
80: Immensely enjoyable
70: Very good, but with perhaps some element I don't care for
60: Basic side of good
50: Pure basic
40: Tiresome to listen to
30: I actively dislike this
20: Perhaps 1 good song but little else
10: I actively hate every song
0: N/A. Someone somewhere put in work on this album. I respect that.
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