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Feb 12, 2020
My 200th rating just so happens to be my favorite soundtrack ever to my favorite video game ever which also happens to be the best human creation to me ever. And due to that, there is absolutely no way I could ever convey how I feel about the OST without also talking about how I feel about the game, which is impossibly far beyond my writing capabilities and would be incredibly long. For the love of everything play NieR: Automata and listen to it's soundtrack.

This won't count towards the album ... read more
Feb 12, 2020
Kenny and Denzel came in hot for this release. This thing was made in 24 hours. THAT'S INSANE! Great aggressive delivery and fun rhymes from Denzel, and great heavy and weird stuff from Kenny. It would be really cool if Kenny did this type of thing with other rappers, and I love that smoke is coming out of Kenny's hood in the cover (he's a beat factory).

Favorite Tracks: ꞌCosmicꞌ.m4a, Take_it_Back_v2, So.Incredible.pkg

Least Favorite Track: Lay_Up.m4a
Feb 10, 2020
Green Day used to be my favorite band when I was 12, it's LPs like this that completely changed that. It's not their worst, but only because it's 26 minutes. I can think of 2, maybe 3 tracks that are mediocre, while the rest are just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Billy Joe's falsettos are awkward, the guitars are too bright and sugary, and most of the songwriting is devoid of anything remotely interesting. Anything worthwhile that Green Day has put out is and has been gone for a decade now, and I sadly ... read more
Feb 10, 2020
First I finished The Pearl review, now this...

14 years ago on this day, J Dilla died. A crate-digging, hip-hop producing legend from Detroit, J Dilla caught the attention of many with the records he produced and his solo album, but it was with Donuts that J Dilla caught everyone's hearts. As most of you know, Jay Dee created Donuts on his deathbed, at times having to wear a mask. None of this stopped him from creating one of the best albums of all time. Each track is a short gem of ... read more
Jan 31, 2020*
I should have wrote this review months ago, considering the story I'm about to tell. Better late than never.

Our family goes to church quite often. The church we go to is actually a nice place, full of people who care and serve their fellow human beings. There was one especially that stands out in the minds of many there. We'll call him Bill. Bill was an almost legendary figure at our church. He worked on members' homes and roofs, drove folks around who didn't have cars, and was generally an ... read more
Oct 21, 2019
How do I change this website to dark theme I'm new here please help me please omg
Oct 8, 2019
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I'm in high school, I like slightly adventurous music, and I write decent reviews every once in a while.

Busy again, might start cleaning/changing scores to keeps things in order.
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