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Mar 26, 2020
A solid collection that easily surpasses Dua's debut and puts her on the path to full-stop pop stardom. The album peaks too early with it's excellent singles, "Don't Start Now" and "Physical," but what follows is hardly a disappointment. It's not the most distinctive or boundary-pushing pop album you'll hear this year, but it makes up for the lack of innovation with an unabashed joy and a commitment to delivering the simple, danceable pleasures that Top 40 has largely ... read more
Mar 26, 2020*
A healing record for hard times. Every masterfully chosen word, hell, every lilting, breaking, drawling syllable that escapes from Katie's lips is pure poetry. When the pandemic is over and you get to hug your friends again, it's going to feel like listening to this record.
Mar 20, 2020*
The production is impressive, but the songs are as vapid as ever. Despite all the conceptual packaging, the lyrics are the same see-saw of vague self-loathing and hedonist bravado the Weeknd has been riding since 2011. When Abel's quicksilver vocals and those slick, sci-fi synths come together just right, like on "Blinding Lights," you can forget all of that, but too much of the album is wasted on unconvincing bad-boy brooding and, worst of all, yucky yacht-rock balladry.
Oct 18, 2019*
Caroline Polachek "debuts" with a strong experimental pop album that could just use some better sequencing. Having the front half be mostly ambient and putting all of the bangers in the back half makes for a weird listening experience, and I think it would work better if the two halves had been better integrated. For me the album doesn't really come to life until you get to "Ocean of Tears" - but then those last 7 tracks are AOTY material. The album smartly merges what ... read more
Sep 20, 2019
Never been a huge Alabama Shakes fan but I was impressed by this. Her voice really is something else, and the music here is much more diverse and experimental than what you'd get from the Shakes.
Mar 27, 2020
There are very few times where I disagree with you, but your two reviews today are just so spot on and so succinct. I really love reading your commentary!
Sep 29, 2019
Question for my first community sourced AOTY list: What's a great album that you can't listen to anymore, and what's the reason?
Sep 30, 2018
Felice di aver trovato "a fellow italian" su questo sito!
Jun 4, 2018
You look familiar from my comments lol
I like pop, rock, and electronic music. And I love Bjork.
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