Kali Uchis - Isolation
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2018 Ratings: #23 / 850
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Each song on ‘Isolation’ sounds wildly different from the last, but Uchis proves to be the constant, pulling and manipulating the strings in all the right places.
Northern Transmissions
Featuring a wealth of tracks covering jazz, soul, bossa nova, rap, hip hop, Latin music and a bit of everything in between, the album really keeps the energy going and brings even more single-worthy tracks than Uchis had already released. Considering even her most derivative moments bring her own unique flair, this is an album that straddles ambitious writing and classic ideas with precision.
For an album that’s 15 tracks to be this consistently good is a rarity, an anomaly, and an artistic triumph that should place it on every Best Of list at the end of the year. For Uchis to accomplish this while still holding on to seemingly all the cards, is even more rare, perhaps signaling a legend in the making.
Consequence of Sound

Uchis builds off a classic foundation of soul, R&B, funk, and blues, bursting outward in dozens of innovative contemporary directions. On Isolation, she never sounds trapped in another era; she sounds free and inventive.

God Is in the TV

Isolation succeeds as a whole album because she flitters through different genres with apparent ease. No matter what she attempts, the songs are brimming with ideas, memorable hooks and gleaming production. They are enhanced by her adventurous and fearless spirit which shines through on this incredible debut. I’ll be surprised if there’s a better album released all year.

More defined and energized than her previous mixtape and EP, the album enables her to fully exhibit her way with words and melodies, whether she's engaging in tropical gangsterism, avowing self-reliance, aching for a romantic getaway, cutting off a hanger-on, or bemoaning domestic minor sex trafficking.

Isolation is a star turn from an artist who has proven she’s ready for it.

Barring an unforeseen release, 'isola†ion' is the pop album of the year
A.V. Club
As she breaks down the triumphs and heartbreaks of real life, she deftly invokes her every musical whim—from 1970s soul to hip-hop beats that wouldn’t be out of place on a ’90s dance floor—to stunning effect.
Pretty Much Amazing

Unlike the soft, almost ingénue qualities of Por Vida, Isolation fortifies itself against unwanted faces and/or forces. Uchis grew up, and in doing so, grew harder.


Lush, sensual and eclectic, Isolation is a sure-footed declaration of independence, and each track presents one of Uchis's different facets.

The Independent

Uchis ... has been largely underrated the past few years, but Isolation might just finally give her the attention she deserves.

Rolling Stone
Like Beck or Outkast, she's a pop weirdo who works grooves that seem vintage and futuristic at the same moment. She grabs splashes of funk, bossa, reggaeton and soul and blankets them with a sunbaked, psychedelic wooziness

Put simply, Isolation is a spectacular record, with glistening pop hooks, yearning torch ballads, oddball indie skronk and a smoky, nostalgic R’N’B vibe. There’s enough variety and sheer pop power here to merit the hype, and more.

Loud and Quiet
It’s as if Uchis has taken every record she ever loved and distilled its essence, mixing the results into a delicious aural perfume, fused with the warm sunshine base-notes of her native Colombia.
‘Isolation’ is an escapist escapade of the highest order.
The Needle Drop

Thanks to its strong melodies and aesthetic, Isolation is a great and promising full-length debut from the Colombian soul singer.


Throughout Isolation, Kali manages to channel Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Anti-era Rihanna, Donna Summer and scores of other grand divas, all while remaining true to her own indelible voice.

The Young Folks

Aside from a couple of unnecessary tracks (particularly the interludes), Isolation is one of the year’s great surprises.

The 405
Her debut is in fact very well crafted despite wearing a lot of influences on its shining sleeves.
No Ripcord

With such a wide-ranging collection of retro sounds blended into one record, the fact that the album’s near 45-minute runtime avoids any real stale moments is another triumph from Uchis.

I have no clue as to why I skipped on this album when it came out two years ago.

"Isolation" is really cool. No not the shit that's happening now ("Never get it twisted, ain't too bougie for corona"), I mean this lovely album from Colombian singer Kali Uchis. I love the hypnagogic aesthetics here, and the arrangements and production complement them in a really beautiful way. Kali's vocals are great and her pop/R&B songwriting never ceases to impress me. Top it off with ... read more
At the request of a friend, I come here to review the debut of the artist Kali Uchis, which has become a sensation as her single "telepatía". Locating myself at the time this album was released in 2018, I was at the beginning of high school, my musical taste was still very superficial but I remember meeting this artist through one of my favorite youtubers (AjayII) and I was delighted with the project at first sight because it was different from everything I heard at the time. ... read more
que explosão esse álbum de bom, eh uma delicia tem algo nele muito diferente e similar, musicas diferentes que se conversam tão bem, lembra um samba, um pop e r&b e toda essa combinação eh incrível demais.
Isolation is Kali Uchis’ debut record, 8 years after her acclaimed mixtape “Drunken Barbie”, and the product is no disappointment as Isolation with its funky and bright bops, variety of instrumentation, and unique personality amalgamating to a great Pop record that is vibrant and bold as hell.

I love the instrumentals/beats on every track. They are groovy, fun, and incredibly unique with a variety of instrumentation on the record from funky bass to flutes and Spanish guitars ... read more
With all of the chaos going on in the world right now, this album's kinda hitting different.
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Added on: March 15, 2018