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Any of its retro origins are washed away by big, dumb sounds that keep the record grounded in the eternal now, an aesthetic choice that also helps the album be a rousing good time.

A.V. Club
With tons of great hooks, and minimal cringe, this is the rare Weezer record that is simply fun to listen to, without fear of having to jump for the “skip” button every couple of songs.
Q Magazine
There's emotional heft beneath the screaming solos - this is ultimately a record about identity and belonging.

Albeit inadvertently, Van Weezer has adapted to its unprecedented recontextualisation... Its evocation of rock music’s hedonistic, joyful potential now feels like a promise of better days.

For the first time in too long, it is a Weezer record that rocks exactly how a Weezer record should – and that means you might as well jump right in.

Always delivered with a wink and a smile, it may not be the Weezer you’d show off to your mates, but it’s almost certainly the one you’ll listen to for a much-needed serotonin hit.

Weezer are goofing around with some of their favourite influences, and their excitement is contagious.
It’s an imperfect album that still manages to shine with catchy singles and gratifying deep cuts, even if never quite reaches the height of its predecessor, ‘OK Human’.
Northern Transmissions
For every chugging Metallica-esque reference there’s something softer and not-so metal but when it’s all said and done, the album is big and fun.
No Ripcord

The whole thing mostly works, though, thanks to the generous application of a Blue Album power-pop filter.

The sentiments charm and Cuomo’s nose for a tune endures, but the drive-time metal supremacy of Def Leppard and Mutt Lange is never under serious threat.
The heavy metal pastiche often clashes against Rivers Cuomo's sensitive style of songwriting, but album 15 does boast one of the band's best choruses.
Rolling Stone
Rivers Cuomo has been threatening this Eighties-loving hard-rock project for quite a while, there's nothing revelatory about his hijacked hair metal, but he's undeniably good at it.
FLOOD Magazine
It doesn’t feel or sound disingenuous, ironic, or affected. That’s where Weezer have been faltering for far too long, and it’s a trap this record almost seemed set up to fall into. It doesn’t.
Spectrum Culture

The lightweight nature of Van Weezer may very well be its saving grace; it’s hard to get quite as mad at Rivers Cuomo when he writes songs like these, silly tributes to the larger-than-life rock gods that made him want to pick up a guitar.

Rivers Cuomo’s latest is a tribute to his hair metal heroes, but it never goes all that hard.
Consequence of Sound
Aside from the singles, Weezer's fifteenth studio album is decidedly un-rad.

Unless Van Weezer was marketed as a concept album revolving around a down-on-his-luck rockstar fulfilling his rockstar fantasies as a way to escape the pains of daily life, the album feels lazy and uninspired. Even then, that concept gives Weezer too much credit.


Does it succeed on its own terms? In the case of Van Weezer, the answer isn't clear. It's too patchy to be a Yes but far too tuneful and breezy to be a No.

The Needle Drop

Between a few tracks hitting and Rivers singing "pump it up into me, please daddy" as a hook, Van Weezer is pretty much a mid-tier Weezer album.

Under The Radar

For the most part, Van Weezer feels like Cuomo and the band have decided to pull a handbrake turn before reversing off a cliff.

It’s another Weezer gotcha moment, a gimmicky novelty album that has a handful of redeeming songs but will ultimately fade into the ether within a few months.
Beats Per Minute

Van Weezer is the definition of a modern Weezer album: if you go in expecting it to be as dumb and forgettable as other recent Weezer albums, you’re going to get exactly that.

The Young Folks

The hero worship on Van Weezer is so bland and basic that it feels less like a tribute and more like a lame parody.

I WAS BEYOND HYPED FOR THIS ALBUM TO COME OUT!!!!! FOR OVER 6 MONTHS, EVERY TIME I LOG ONTO THIS SITE, I WAS FORCED TO STARE AT THAT “graphic design is my passion” VAN HALEN RIP-OFF LOOKING ASS ALBUM COVER AT THE TOP OF ANTICIPATED ALBUMS EVERYDAY❗️My life is fulfilled cause I never thought I’d live to see the day of this album dropping. I’m so happy I never have to look at that awful cover ever ... read more
“Van Weezer”, American band Weezer’s second project of the year is finally out now after an immense amount of hype. Earlier this year, we received Weezer’s interest revitalization, “OK Human”, the chamber pop rock album with many exciting and euphoric moments, which I can officially say is a solid album. After years of decline, this was their first output to get old listeners intrigued again. This left me both excited and worried for the next album. ... read more
For every album I hear from this band, I just get more disappointed, this is one of the most overrated bands and I really don't understand why people think it is that good.
Maybe it's a beloved band because they make a silly and cliche sound, but even so, I can't see any sparkle in them.

This album I found a little better than the past, but it's still not something that really makes me like the band, maybe I don't understand their proposal.

The album goes with a different sound from the last ... read more
Okay am I crazy or is "All the Good Ones" just "Beverly Hills"? Like they sound almost identical aside from the production on BH being ever so slightly shitter.
With the recent tragic passing of Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer has decided to step up to the plate and offer himself as the next most epic guitarist. It’s quite hard to match Eddie’s skill, but Rivers let us know with tracks like Hero and his newly-grown mustache that he meant business. Some have speculated that the lip-based hairs mark the return of the legendary Red Album Rivers, my Hero, who has not been seen in public since the 2008 Grammy Awards. ... read more
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Added on: September 10, 2019