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The Skinny

Slowdive represents an awareness of legacy, and the importance of not pissing all over it; to that extent, it’s an essential addition to canon.

Consequence of Sound

Slowdive delivers nearly everything their fans desire in a return: familiarity, innovation, and vast atmospheres to get lost in.


Released in an era laced with shoegaze imitators, ‘Slowdive’ finds reinvigoration by simply ignoring them.

It certainly was a long wait, but finally Slowdive have given us the album that we have been dreaming about for the last 22 years.
Crack Magazine

Slowdive’s fourth LP contains a vitality that, in places, leaves you breathless.

Tiny Mix Tapes

An album that sounds both expectantly familiar and not exactly like any of their previous releases. The songwriting on Slowdive is strong, as if the best ideas they’ve had over the last 22 years were held back for this release ... condensing some of the most compelling aspects of their catalog into a cohesive whole.

Drowned in Sound

A majestic return that doesn't just fill in the gaps, but points unflinchingly towards future horizons.

This is an album as thoughtful as it is beautiful.

Slowdive is a triumphant return for the shoegaze veterans, being a victorious blueprint for how a band should return after a long hiatus. It introduces new possibilities for their sound while still sounding familiar enough to fit in comfortably with the rest of their discography.

Pretty Much Amazing
Whatever band you most hope reunites, you can only hope they do it like Slowdive. Not rushed, not cash-grabbing, but focused on relationships and on furthering the legacy of the band.
The Line of Best Fit

Rather than relying on what they knew to be “shoegaze”, a genre very firmly rooted in time and place, they’ve applied this newly transformed sound to their existing skillset.

This is an album comfortably on a par with the work of most of the younger artists theyโ€™ve influenced; compelling proof that the original shoegazers have stood the test of time remarkably well.
Under The Radar
This is one of the strongest comeback albums in recent memories. Let's hope they stick around for a while longer this time around!
The Guardian

Shoegaze is rarely affiliated with overwrought emotion, and yet it’s difficult not to feel moved by the expanse of the group’s oceanic comeback.


The band’s new, self-titled album sees them ageing gracefully, but not without tweaks, even if reinvention is too strong a word.


Slowdive is a surprisingly joyously return to the fray.

Loud and Quiet
Returning to Slowdiveโ€™s latest album is like plunging back into the pool after a long hot bake in the sun.
The 405

On Slowdive there are moments when they create this inter-galactic grace as well as they ever have, but sometimes their desire to reinstate their ethereal prowess can seem a little prescriptive.


While traces from each of their previous efforts show up throughout the album, Slowdive is resolutely its own animal. It is more gentle and peaceful than anything since their debut, but carries a subtle bitterness that belies its airy palette.

โ€œSlowdiveโ€ teaches us some valuable lessons. Never write off musicians just because they were in a momentarily hip genre twenty-two years ago. Long songs can hold your attention if you let them.

Like most of the best reunion albums, this one plays like the band not just wanted to make it, but needed to, and took its time doing it. The resulting album is fantastic and, despite being so deliberate, feels fresh and immediate throughout.

The Observer

Slowdive ... now sound powerful, confident, the band they always wanted to be.


Slowdive, the band’s first album in 22 years, is here, and it’s good in that pleasingly familiar way. The record does not pick up where Pygmalion left off. If anything, it sounds as though it could have been recorded in 1993.

A.V. Club

Slowdive is not a quantum-leap record, nor does it slavishly replicate past successes. Rather it’s another collection of thoughtfully written songs, filled with evident joy for the band’s reformation.


It will comfort fans of the band, both those who loved them at the time and those who have discovered them in the intervening years, by being very much a Slowdive album. One that feels modern enough, but also very classic at the same time.

No Ripcord

The laconically titled Slowdive adapts to what Slowdive are capable of sounding in 2017: there’s no need to reinvent because doing that once is enough, so why not apply what they know best and try to adapt to a different, more current environment.

The Needle Drop
Slowdive's first album in over two decades finds the band's once heavenly wall of sound turning anemic.
The morning sun rises on a cold misty morning, highlighting the mildew in waves as the beams peer through the dense forest of willow coating the sky above. A faint birdsong breaks the silence as the wildlife of the night takes cover, letting the ecosystem of the day take shape once again. A pathway marked with the faded footprints of a being long gone line the worn down grass, leading the way towards an unknown with an insatiable allure.

As I make my way down the withered road, the echoes of ... read more
Slowdive self-titled album is so lustful, complete and intense as a good dream pop/shoegaze album should be. Most "recent" work from the iconic 90's band is a well produced record, stable and sober as perhaps the band was longing to since their debut. These songs have a feet on the 2010's iconic "indie" stereotype and also the old alternative rock sound back when the the term indie wasn't used to define this type of music. Perhaps it was the band's intention to keep the ... read more
I still don’t really get why some people see this as a disappointment, it’s so heavenly and that run of tracks from Slomo to No longer making time is godlike.

Standout: Star Roving
Favs: Slomo, No Longer Making time, Everyone Knows, Don’t know why
Least fav: Go get it
slowdive have aged well. easily the best shoegaze/dream pop album of this decade

โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… (i would buy this)
best tracks: don't know why > everyone knows > go get it
EDIT: Much less replay value than I had thought before, good album for the first few listens but nothing really stuck with me too much.

Shoegaze legends Slowdive return with their first album in over 20 years, and man is it an experience. The group not only maintains their classic sound (which I would call technical yet dreamy) but they also exhibit some new ideas and sounds. Everything is still very drawn out and relaxed, but also atmospheric, embedding into your mind the soundscapes and ... read more
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Added on: March 28, 2017