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Jun 14, 2019
Annoyed they left out "dick out eh booty cause it tiring me out" line but still delighted that they released it officially. Can't wait to play this at house parties and see the looks on peoples' faces
May 31, 2019
I know there's a lot of talk about Denzel being 'underrated' and a lot of people disagree as he is pretty big at the moment but one thing I believe he is underrated for are his hooks. They're quite simple but always so catchy and there's some great ones on this.
May 27, 2019
God I was not feeling this at first but boy has it grown on me. Think why I didn't get it at first was cause I loved Flower Boy and was hoping for something more along those lines but once I got over the inital shock I started to really hear the beautiful lyrics and melodies. I love the use of the features on this thing. Solange on I Think is one of the most heavinly things I've heard since Sampha on Don't Touch My Hair. I Don't Love You Anymore is so beautiful and sad at the same damn time ... read more
May 21, 2019*
This is amazing... and I'm so happy I can finally say I LOVE and Injury Reserve project from back to front. Don't get me wrong their other material is great but this is consistently great from start to finish.

That Amine bar about his Tesla is probably my favourite bar of the year

EDIT: Went from a 90 to a 85 as a few songs have lost their replayability and excitement for me, namely Rap Song Tutorial. Still heavily enjoying this album none the less but I just found I've been wanting to go ... read more
May 13, 2019*
EDIT: Decided to downgrade my score from a 42 to a 29. Simply because the songs I thought were "good" I know I'll never be returning to and I have no intentions to return to this thing at all.

Sooooooooo boring!

I lost count how many times he mentioned "HiS hAtErS", something stupid about his dick or "yeah I'mma get it like this and I'mma get it like that bla bla bla".

I'm not gonna lie I actually kinda liked the hook on Icy it was different and refreshing. ... read more
Jan 28, 2019
Honourable Mentions:
Sweetner - Ariana Grande
Little Dark Age - MGMT
Joy as an Act of Resistence - IDLES
Lost & Found - Jorja SMith
Honey - Robyn
Good Thing - Leon Bridges
Negro Swan - Blood Orange
Everything's Fine - Jean Grae & Quelle Chris
Care for me - Saba
Apoligies in Advance - Sylvan LaCue
In a Poem Unlimited - U.S. Girls
FM! - Vince Staples
Jan 28, 2019
Top 10 of 2018:

1: Room 25 - Noname
2: Kids See Ghosts- Kids See Ghosts
3: Wide Awake - Parquet Courts
4: 2012 - 2017 - Against All Logic
5: DROGAS Wave - Lupe Fiasco
6: Daytona - Pusha T
7: Iridescence - Brockhampton
8: DiCaprio 2 - JID
9: Your Queen is a Reptile - Sons of Kemet
10: Cocoa Sugar - Young Fathers
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