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Nov 23

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Sep 28, 2018
"Slime Language" offers fans a fun set of tracks that don't demand anything more than the effort that was put into it. There are a lot of mediocre sets to this one, but there is a lot to enjoy as well, specifically in Thugger's charisma. I think this would have served pretty well as an EP, as most of this album feels as if Young Thug threw it out to fans without expecting much praise in return. The lows are annoying and as generic as any track that is categorized in this oversaturated ... read more
Sep 28, 2018
Astroworld's loose structure results in too many forgettable moments for my taste. While I appreciate the unique, psychedelic sound the album delivers in comparison to his previous works, not many tracks seperate themselves from the general vibe. Travis's delivery is quite solid, but I often feel like I'm listening to extended interludes rather than tightly organized songs, resulting in an album filled with forgettable content.

Favorite Tracks: Stargazing, Yosemite, Butterfly Effect, Stop ... read more
Sep 27, 2018
Eminem's previous release, "Revival" was one of the most disjointed albums I have ever listened to. It became prevalent that Eminem was confused on his stance on the trends hip hop was evolving into. Rather than sticking to his core sound, he chose to adapt his music into - what he thought - was trendy and satisfactory for multiple types of listeners. Rather than creating an album that achieves this goal, "Revival" practically turned even his die hard fans against him. While ... read more
Sep 27, 2018
Where do I begin...

My beginnings with logic trace back to his "Young Sinatra" mixtape series. While I have always enjoyed his energy and flow throughout his discography, my largest complaints and concerns about logic came from his failure to expand his subject matter on anything more than simply rapping about his own writing skills and his aspirations of fame. Sonically, I have never found a reason to be intrigued by logic. He places so much emphasis on his lyrical abilities that ... read more
Sep 26, 2018
John Mayer's 7th album suffers from dullness on all levels. It's mixed bag of uninteresting instrumentation and inconsistent songwriting that results in an abundance of content lingering in a pool of mediocracy. I'm not a big fan of the vocal performances on this one either. The highlights convince me that this release would have performed much better as an EP.

Favorite Tracks: Roll it on Home, In the Blood, Changing

Least Favorite: Still Feel Like Your Man, Emoji of a Wave
Jun 30, 2016
All my reviews are based on my honest, personal enjoyment of an album. My reviews do not necessarily depict how "Good" or "Bad" an album is, rather they reflect on how much I like/enjoy listening to it. Though I may rate a critically acclaimed - or even a "classic" album - in the 60-69 range, it does not explicitly mean that I disagree with everyone else's view on the album. Most likely, I understand why people love it. I still enjoy the listen, just not as much as other people.
Below 60: Trash-Disliked-Mixed... 61-69: Decent, Liked it... 70-79: Very Solid... 80-86: Excellent, Loved it... 87-92 My AOTY? 93-100 Nearly Perfect
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