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Aug 7, 2020
LasagnaZissou -
LasagnaZissou Review #80

This EP really shouldn't get slept on as much as it does because this is a shining example of how Death Grips should handle their instrumental work. Shorter release, punchier beats, and a little bit of vocal samples as well. I mean when it's half the length and twice as entertaining, there's absolutely no way this can't exceed Fashion Week in quality. I still however prefer their non-instrumental releases (as I'm sure most do) but stuff like this makes for a good ... read more
Aug 7, 2020
LasagnaZissou -
LasagnaZissou Review #79

This is pretty much the Filler Beach Episode of the Death Grips Discography but it still hits some of the high notes that makes this group so amazing. Having the decision to only release instrumental hip-hop songs was a cool change but really doesn't feel refined enough to receive a full album runtime. The instrumentals that this group can manage to create are truly some great stuff but they still feel somewhat empty without MC Ride and I'd be a lot more comfortable ... read more
Aug 7, 2020
LasagnaZissou -
LasagnaZissou Review #78

Here it is, the best release by Death Grips (and let me tell you that is saying A LOT). Jenny Death starts off as chaotic and entertaining and never stops this train of madness until it spirals out of control at Depression Junction and fucking explodes.

I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States makes me wanna break a mirror with my face in where else?
Inanimate Sensation makes me wanna have a drug party with a coked up band of freaks at an empty concert ... read more
Aug 6, 2020
LasagnaZissou -
LasagnaZissou Review #77

The Death Grips album which I am not allowed to say without being cancelled by my future employers, is one of their most abstract in sound and really pushed the bar for their sampling game. This has a running theme of including vocal samples by Icelandic Musicians (and one of the best musicians of all time, let's agree) Björk Guðmundsdoasfafnafo. Sometimes the samples get a little too overwhelming on some tracks but overall it is a fine inclusion. It really ... read more
Aug 6, 2020*
LasagnaZissou -
LasagnaZissou Review #76

Ok so I knew nothing about the album except that it featured the drummer from Death Grips and that was reason enough for me to check it out. Basically this is Death Grips if it was absolutely nothing like Death Grips and was Math Rock that hurt your head a lot more than Math Rock normally does. If you like Math Rock you'll like this, but if you're indifferent on the genre like me you'll probably stare at a blank wall for an hour and ponder as to whether you liked what ... read more
Aug 4, 2020
Oh ok, that's no big deal. Thanks for listening!
Aug 3, 2020
Thanks for checking it out! Do you think you'll drop a rating at some point?
Aug 1, 2020
Hey! I dropped an EP and I'd love to get some more opinions on it. I'm curious to see what you think of it!
Jul 28, 2020
So glad that I've managed to give u some recommendations (and what not to listen to 😂)
Jul 25, 2020
Thanks for the follow! What do u think of my reviews
Jul 22, 2020
Thanks for the follow! Nice reviews.
Music Fan From South Dakota

I have a rym account too but I prefer reviewing albums here and I review every album I hear whether it's first listen or not.

Radiohead, Swans, Ween, Death Grips, Bjork are some of my favorites but there's loads of bands I'd call my faves.

I also number all of my reviews. Not because I want to keep track of how many reviews I've made, but because Zissou and Review rhyme and I thought that was kinda cool.
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