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Oct 23, 2019
One of my favorite of his songs. Total bop.
Sep 27, 2019*
Very swag. I knew it would be interesting to here Phil process what has happened over the last year or so and he kind of does that here. He does that very well and it’s quite pretty.
Sep 10, 2019
I hope this album is good. I think this might be false hope considering the awful cover art and title and the way those intro riffs sound like my least favorite kind of 80s rock. However, the rest of the song is actually pretty good. I think the chorus is catchy, the instrumentation is solid and the lyrics are passable. Hype?
Aug 31, 2019
Ok. I saw him live last night. That was one of the best experiences I’ve had. He has so much energy and charisma as a live performer, now that I’m returning to this I like it even more. Changing it to a 98.
Aug 16, 2019*
Disappointing but not bad. It’s probably disappointing because, despite referencing their past work in the lyrics “Call the doctor, dig me out of this mess”, this is a massive stylistic shift. While Sleater-Kinney has changed up their sound in the past, with this release they have abandoned a lot of what made them such a unique band. The vocal and guitar interplay between Carrie and Corin is gone. There is bass on this record, which is a first. I feel like this ultra clean ... read more
Nov 1, 2019
Supp! I'm doing a challenge at the moment, the "out of my comfort-zone challenge". This is a challenge where I need to listen projects, I normally wouldn't listen too. After some listen I need to state my opinions in a review. If you would suggest an album to me, it would be great! As long as they aren't metal, hip hop or rap!
Sep 28, 2019
What song do you hate the most/think is the worst song of all time. It's for a list.
Jul 26, 2019
Thanks for the follow!
Jun 22, 2019
im both confused and happy
Jun 21, 2019
Just listened to it. That was...interesting. actually, I can't hate it. Some of the flows were genuinely on point. I can't say I didn't have fun listening to it.
Apr 18, 2019
Apr 18, 2019
Got any recommendations for me?
Apr 5, 2019
i'll check on them.
Mar 18, 2019
Look im not "analysing" your reviews or trying to upset you. It's just you are a type of music fan that mildly annoys me (I.e one that listens to Pop music and critically acclaimed stuff from 20 years ago that even my grandma knows about and then expects a pat on the back for being SO culturally aware) that's all it is. As for your "friendly site" BS..
Mar 18, 2019
..I've seen plenty of comments from you dismissive of others opinions and reviewing style that aren't exactly "friendly". So just because my comments on you are more articulate doesn't make them less friendly just more accurate, Sorry if you can't deal with that, but if you sticking your nose in was bantz then so Is mine.
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