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sapphicherub -
I grew up with a mural of this strange "Hi, How Are You?" frog next to where my mom used to work. I never knew the full story behind this piece of iconic Austin, Texas graffiti until this year.

Daniel Johnston's work immediately reminded me of Jeffrey Lewis's music. While Lewis gives long winding folksy instrumentals, Johnston sits down and plays strange but simple piano tunes, makes beats by what I think is stomping, and does some poor guitar playing. What they both do incredibly ... read more

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sapphicherub -
[insert Patrick Bateman joke here]

Phil Collins sounds like whoever sings for the Disney Tarzan soundtrack. I dig it. Also extremely 80s, very repetitive tracks, Domino (Pt. 1 & 2) is spooky, still fun.

The Brazilian is probably my favorite track, close second is Invisible Touch.
sapphicherub -
I love the two ratings that gave an average of 83. Please if you listen to Jeffrey Lewis give me a shout!!

Anyways the song Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror made me message Jeffrey Lewis. Might be weird but he has to know how much I love his work and that his art is appreciated. He's still on the smaller side with only 89,000 listeners per month.

Anyways my favorite tracks were:
Don't Be Upset - sweet turned kind of funny and sad story
The Singing Tree - mellow and pretty, reminds me of Em ... read more
sapphicherub -
It is very fun, I feel like 60 is becoming my new 70 though. 70 I usually say I'd listen to it again but now I'm feeling that with 60s

Anyways I'm in college! Study mix? Probably
sapphicherub -
I know I gave a lower rating but this is really beautiful and intimate music. I recommend reading @huailing's review.
sapphicherub -
I saw the 58 and was surprised. A few months ago I would have agreed with that rating. Maybe even lower. My first attempts I found Astronomy Domine so so tedious and boring.

But now!!! Do you hear the complexity in Set The Control for the Heart of the Sun and in Astronomy Domine!? The gentleness of Sysyphus pt.2 and Granchester Meadows contrasting with Sysyphus 3!? ROGER WATER SCREAMS!?!? Too much fun, and seeing live performances of Careful With That Axe, Eugene kill me.

I have two issues. ... read more


Sep 20, 2021
I know the story and influences behind the song goofus, I do appreciate learning that there's a Nobs though

The silly is that I thought it was stupid but since June-ish it's charming to. It also follows along with how different songs like Pillow of Winds, Fearless, and San Tropez are in their discography. No love songs show up elsewhere and the style of each for those tracks feels unique to Meddle. I also like their dip into the more hardcore stuff later with One of These Days and Echoes.

Idk what I'm getting at but >:^)) Seamus good, Several Species weird, Meddle fun
Sep 20, 2021
David Gilmour – acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals (Meddle), harmonica (Live at Pompeii)

Roger Waters – bass guitar (Meddle, studio overdub on Live at Pompeii), electric guitar (Live at Pompeii)

Richard Wright – piano (Meddle), dog's microphone holder (Live at Pompeii)

Seamus (Meddle) – howling

Nobs (Live at Pompeii) – howling
Sep 20, 2021
"Pink Floyd uncharacteristically displayed their sense of humour with 'Seamus', a pseudo-blues novelty track featuring Steve Marriott's dog (whom Gilmour was dog-sitting) howling along to the music."

Sounds pretty amazing to me
Sep 20, 2021
It is the best song on Meddle, hands down, no competition
Sep 10, 2021
I'm just really good at impressions what can I say
Sep 10, 2021
Thank you so much for this kind message, I am very touched! I like to follow and give strength to those who deserve it, it is important to encourage people to give their opinions and express their passions! This is the case for you for example and keep it up!
Sep 9, 2021
i hate her
Sep 9, 2021
begorck is icelandic and sings songs and did some acting every once in a while she does that one song that goes "ah aha ha oooo camels" or something like that she's also hot
Sep 9, 2021
Jun 18, 2021
you sic


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