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Kanye West - ye
Kanye West
Mar 17

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Slayer - Reign in Blood
This album reminded me of Metallica's two best albums. This album has step-by-step progression that is rhythmically successful and easy to understand. But the biggest problem is that the songs are too short and the speed is too fast to keep up with the normal song time.
My Favorite : "Angel of Death"
My Last Favorite : "Reborn" / "Epidemic"
My Score : 8.05/10

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Björk - Homogenic
UPDATE : 86 --> 94,5
(Finally giving my queen the score she deserves.)

The best first quartet in music history may be on this album, but all the rest of the second half music falls short, except for Pluto and 5 Years. After listening to the performance in her other songs, I was expecting the same quality pieces, but again I realized that it was impossible.
My Favorite : "Bachelorette"
My Last Favorite : "All Is Full of Love"
My ... read more

Metallica - Ride the Lightning
UPDATE : 80 --> 91 ( This isn't their best album but it is still amazing. )

- I was wrong. This is their richest and most creative album, in short, their best record is in this album.

- Metallica's second studio album "Ride the Lightning" means a lot to the metal genre. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it had a revolutionary character that would lead to the development of the metal genre. With riffs, a variety of melodies, vocals, instrumentation and progression, the ... read more

Metallica - Master of Puppets
UPDATE : 81 --> 85
- It's an overrated album. Guitar solos, drums, and most of the riffs are still great, but the listener is disappointed, especially since they don't match the "Ride the Lightning" level. The vocals were close to the performance on the previous album, but there was no equivalent of "Fade to Black" on this album. The biggest problem is that the songs are very repetitive and songs like "Orion" are not overlooked. If the songs were shorter, the ... read more
Björk - Vulnicura
UPDATE : 77 --> 65
Compared to Björk's old quality, it's even worse than Vespertine. Of course, I do not expect every album to be at the same level, but when you look at the scoring, it is obvious what it looks like.

Björk should never have given up on old song time. I don't like to wait 5 minutes for the flourish part of a song and that's total bullshit. The biggest difference from the first Björk albums is that each part is created consistently in 4 minutes, while in ... read more

Björk - Vespertine
Nice work with flaws. It is more difficult and boring to enter the album than the previous two albums. So I wasn't exactly impressed with this album, but you know Björk's voice and vocal use are incredible. I had the opportunity to listen to some of the worst björk songs I've ever heard, as well as some of the best. I'm done listening again but I still don't understand why björk is the best.


Mr. SemT
- You can trust my taste.
- I may be one of the stingiest when it comes to album scoring. I score the album not only for 2-3 songs but directly for all the songs.

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