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It's a slow album, but through multiple listens, we're treated to the same complexities, but personal and musical, that have made him such a fascinating figure throughout the past decade.

The Guardian

Views isn’t a perfect album – some judicious pruning of the less impactful tracks would make it more easily digestible, and there are certainly moments when you start to wish Drake would cast his gaze a little further afield than his own navel.

The 405

Aubrey has reclaimed his position delivering the ardently despondent music he initially built his reputation on, through patented melancholy, petty pretentiousness and newly adopted riddims.


Drake delivers a strong album that will undoubtedly get played for months and even years to come, but at this point he should be pushing the boundaries in his music.

‘Views’ should be a slog. But remarkably, his signature brand of downbeat introspection remains gripping.
Time Out London
This is glittering, diamond-sharp stuff that sees Drake switch from the dulcet lothario of ‘Take Care’ to the clipped, canine street rapper of ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’. The result is new patterns, new tones and new pockets of Drake’s secret weapon: empty space.
Consequence of Sound

Given all the resources he has, the album may have been too big to fail, but he’s still maintained enough of his unique talent that it’s unlikely anyone could have done it better.

Entertainment Weekly

Drake still remains a master at producing low-key mesmerizing rap, but the Views are slightly less breathtaking here.

Slant Magazine

Views is a truly glacial, intensely morose album, one that confronts the same basic concerns as previous efforts, while further amplifying their significance.

Rolling Stone
Drake has tilled this soil on several albums, with little new insight or complexity unearthed here; the result is an occasionally excellent LP that feels, naggingly, like a missed opportunity.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who listen for lyrics, and those who listen for beats. If you belong to the latter group, then Views will be one of the best albums released this year. If you’re in the former, well… lines like “I’m a staple in the game, all my papers together” might tarnish golden production work from Noah “40” Shebib, Boi1da, nineteen85, and Maneesh, among others.


Drake's fourth proper album feels claustrophobic and too long and weirdly monotone, but the occasional tweaks in sound lead to a few great moments.

A.V. Club

Even more so than 2013’s Nothing Was The Same, an otherwise fantastic effort that hugged its predecessors’ template a little too tightly, Views can’t escape the sense that Drake’s done this before and done it better.

‘Views’ is far from perfect. Yes, at times it does drag a little and - though clever and often charming - the content isn’t particularly inspiring. But that’s not who Drake is and it never will be; he’s arrogant, self-obsessed and a little bit goofy.

At 20 tracks, Aubrey for the most part provides a rather overweight and lethargic waltz through his musical comfort zone. 

The Line of Best Fit

Views, like Take Care and Nothing Was the Same before it, is brilliant in places and thoroughly bloated in others. Most interesting is how Drake manages to vacillate so dramatically between being so likeable one minute and so off-puttingly self-involved the next.


To say Views is a victory lap after the successes of his two mixtapes from 2015 is a lie: no victory lap in hip-hop sounds so supine and inert.

Drowned in Sound

For him to be so often contented with merely satisfactory results is somehow much more disappointing than a total failure.

There are enough moments of glory and splendour here to validate Drake’s position at the head of the hip-hop table, but you wonder whether he can stay there much longer without doing something drastically different.
NOW Magazine

As emotional and specific as Drake is in his lyrics, Views often feels uninspired. He continues to grow as a singer, but his rhymes are stuck in a broody and banal limbo, stubbornly beholden to the boring machismo of American hip-hop drama but also drawn to the eclecticism of the world beyond.


Kanye West’s 2010 magnum opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, takes a piercing look at the relationship between humanity and celebrity. Such a duality is clearly what Drake sought to explore on his 4th studio effort, Views, yet he falls short at almost every turn.

Pretty Much Amazing
Drake may not be “making a statement” in the way people might expect him to, but there’s no denying he’s saying something.
Tiny Mix Tapes

There really isn’t a whole lot that can be said about VIEWS that hasn’t already been said about Drake’s three previous albums. For an artist so eager to entertain, so set on proving his superstar status in a fickle industry, he surprisingly doesn’t take any risks in order to do something truly different.

Frankly, it's become as boring and annoying as a needle stuck in a groove. No matter how ably the production casts his raps and ballads in the best possible light, no matter how well the frequent use of chopped and swirled samples from '90s R&B songs fit in the mix, no matter that the occasional song rises up from the narrative and makes a splash, the album is a meandering, dreary rehash of what Drake has done before in much better fashion.
The Needle Drop
Canada's own Drake returns with his most drab commercial release yet.

Legend has it that Drake the Immortal actually fell off the CN Tower at 1,192 feet and instead of hitting the concrete pavement once he hit the ground, he falls toe first into a pile of LEGOs and instantly shatters all his bones and a piece of his toenail flings into his eye at light speed at the moment of contact. He becomes a blob and goes back to his mama's house attempting to replicate the incredible pain he felt into music form.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Views: Drake's worst ... read more


If a girl could love me as much as Drake loves Toronto I'd be set


this is where it all went downhill


Waaaay too long and at least half of it is boring as hell. Some of the most unispired music Drake has ever put out. This was essentially the beginning of his downfall.
That being said the songs that are actually good here I really like. Is has some genuinely great songs here spread between the bad ones. Hotline Bling is one my biggest guilty pleasures. I have an unexplainable love towards it and I can't get enough of it.
It's on the same level as Scorpion. It's more boring but it never reaches ... read more


man this album is absolute trash. every song on here is genuinely garbage
minus 2 songs which i absolutely love, hotline bling and one dance
maybe my opinion here is simply blinded by nostalgia, but these songs are really incredible in my opinion, insanely catchy and get stuck in my heads for hours on end


Now admittedly, Views was not quite as horrible as I remembered it in some respects. Whenever there is some semblance of a flow, it's a good one, and Drake does at least have a mild talent when it comes to spitting a verse. That said, this is a sleepy representation of some of Drake's most awful qualities. Robotic singing, lazy verses, and a myriad of features that consistently disappoint. This was a super disappointing album both times I listened to it

Best Tracks: Views, Keep the Family ... read more

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Added on: February 9, 2016