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ColinAndrews -
Huh. That was a rather tight little project that provided a nice change of pace from the first two projects that I listened to. The seemingly conceptual EP from Fire Man is exactly what the world needs right now, which is an aggressive and relatively chaotic project that you can scream your lungs out to and has somewhat of an eerie correlation with what is going on with the world right now down. Whether that's my anarchism talking or an accurate statement, I might never know, but the organic ... read more
ColinAndrews -
What a pleasant surprise! I definitely mess with this incredibly heavy, and I definitely like it more subjectively than objectively, but that didn't stop me from appreciating all of the things that this project does right! I don't know if a single person in the cloud rap or hyperpop genre has properly matched and adjusted their vocal tonality to the type of lyrics and beats that they are using than PK Shelley has. The appeal of acts like 100 gecs and food house is how in your face and stark ... read more
ColinAndrews -
What an incredibly interesting project to start off the year with! On the one hand, there is so much that I absolutely love in this. First of all, the fact that this whole project is essentially an homage to Bob Kaufman is something that made me quite joyful, as I have read a lot of his work during my writing minor at university. I call this an homage and not a tribute because this project emits a very similar energy that Kaufman's poetry did, and I think mirroring any entity is incredibly ... read more
ColinAndrews -
in a time like this, I'm so glad that James Blake exists.
ColinAndrews -
Just coming back to comment on how much this fucking slaps.

That's all.


Nov 27, 2020
Hey Colin... are you still there?
Mar 28, 2020
What album should I review?

Yeezus by Kanye West
Kid A by Radiohead
Reflektor by Arcade Fire
Jan 20, 2020
Yessir! Already bought my tickets!!! On my way now.
Jan 9, 2020
Everything is going along fine, feel much better than I did a few weeks before. I understand and respect your choice of not engaging with the community, especially with bad stuff circling around these past few months. People get too caught up with this site, and all that does is damage the main purpose of it: sharing our love for the music.

Also, want to wish you the best of luck on your first feature-length film (you seem really passionate about films from the looks of it) and teaching in China! I've had family members back in China who were taught English, and I can reassure you, you'll be fine and will go on to meet some great people! :)
Jan 8, 2020
Been really enjoying reading some of your reviews lately. Congrats on 100 followers! 🍻
May 3, 2019
Welcome back!
Feb 1, 2019
Ur reviews are great bro, keep up the good work!


Life is beautiful
At least that's what my suicide note says.

Really enjoy reading Plats, Inglume, Pipe, musicmagpie55 and exception on this site.

I have a podcast with my friend where we talk about movies and music! Banter For Two on Soundcloud and Spotify.

150 followers is pretty cool, so thank you for that!

I'm much bigger on Letterboxd @colin...

I Hope You Know That You Are Everything

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