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Lorago -
Let go of your expectations and engulf yourself in darkness. Caligula by Lingua Ignota is a journey like no other to the deepest parts of your emotions. Listening to this made me feel like no other album. At its core, it's an album of darkness. The emotions on this thing ranges from hatred and anger, to sorrow, emptiness, and pain. Through its combinations of a clean production, with at times operatic instrumentation and powerful singing, and harsh walls of noise, it manages to deliver an ... read more

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Lorago -
This album was such a disappointment after how much I enjoyed their previous album, Cult of a Dying Sun. What Djinn shows, however, is a lack of creativity and dullness arising from what feels like the band writing one good song and then trying to replicate it for an entire album. When hearing the first single, Djinn, I was at first really impressed, and though this was going to be the high point in the band's career, but alas the album was disappointing to say the least. Clocking in a an hour, ... read more
Lorago -
This beauty of a record contains among the most stunning moments in metal, and shows the true power in the music of Agalloch. The record starts with an instrumental track to lead you into the record's majestic landscape, something common in Agalloch records, and it one of their strengths. As this track comes to an end, the sheer beauty that is In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion begins, which is one of the greatest songs the band has written, with a deep sense of emotional longing for something ... read more
Lorago -
Put dissonance, chaos, noise, and aggression in a blender and this is what you'll end up with, and it's fantastic. Chaotic structures and abrasive noise is what this album thrives on, and is what makes it stand out to much. It creates a fantastic combination of disorienting disarray and memorable riffs which immerses the listener in a rather unsettling but at the same time very pleasant experience. Songs like Promise of the Polis showcase the greatness of the chaotic wall of sounds, while songs ... read more
Lorago -
With a cool combination of harshness and melody this album comes with great riffs, unexpected tempo changes, and aggressive vocals, and pulls it off really well. The first 4 tracks on this record are definitely the high point on this record, and is where the album's formula shines the brightest. Here we get a textures blend of abrasive chaos layered and combined with slight melody from the guitar riffs. It perfectly evolves and varies as it progresses, and when you reach the third track you are ... read more
Lorago -
This EP is a sonic blast right in your face. With constant tempo changes, unconventional structure, loud noisy sound, and an aggressive composition. The only time the EP gives you a break from its constant stream of intensity is when it reaches its seventh track, Άράχναιν, which finally lets you relax during the first half of so of the track. Once past that point however, it comes right back at you with it's harsh intensity. For the remainder of the EP from here, ... read more
Oct 26, 2020
hello friend
Sep 30, 2020
I love your reviews, you make more. You clearly have a talent for it!
Nov 4, 2019
black metal 🤤

the first two DsO albums aren't real

saved albums are albums I own on vinyl
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