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Resontone -
The point of experimentation is to develop a set of working tools. You test a hypothesis and eventually, by modifying it, going back to the drawing board, and testing again, you find a theory that works. On the Ark Work, Liturgy started with a faulty hypothesis and never revised it, leading to a final product that sounded like black metal as played by Phoenix cover band circa 2006. HAQQ works because Liturgy put in the effort to revise and refine. There are too many overlong interludes, but ... read more
Resontone -
Both the inception of a new genre and the moment it jumped the shark, it's primary innovation is that it sounds kinda bad. Underneath the veneer of high school band level recording techniques is a glimmer of potential. You can imagine Quetzalcoatl hitting hard with a spit shine and a rework, but in it's current state it sounds anemic and muffled, a timid C-philosophy undergraduate muttering into their sleeve.
Resontone -
The press release for Origin of the Alimonies reads like a parody, containing references to "a YouTube series on a System of Transcendental Qabala", describing this project as the "first to fully integrate Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s vision of total art, or what she calls Perichoresis".

Musically speaking, this is a not quite successful fusion of neo-classical, black metal and noise music. Flutes, harsh strings, and blastbeats haphazardly sit alongside one another without ... read more
Resontone -
Sounding like a revival of the early 80's New Wave of British Metal acts that inspired Metallica (Diamond Head, Blitzkrieg, Holocaust et al), King Gizzard turn the heaviness dial up with mixed results. There's a reason why acts like Metallica and Slayer surpassed their inspiration and attained massive mainstream success - they mastered the power of the riff, delivering memorable hooks and well structured songs. Infest the Rat's Nest ends up feeling superfluous, like a scrapped first draft of a ... read more
Resontone -
This is an album that revels in its flaws. A portrait of grief that sounds just like the real thing - messy, funereal and cathartic. Picture the twinkling darkness of Girl in Amber, sharpened memories in brief vignette that act almost like emotional knives. The timing is all off in I Need You, Cave breaking down in the supermarket - a moment of grief playing with the cruel irony of the mundane.

Poets often fall into the trap of exalting the extra-ordinary and the melodramatic - turning away ... read more
Aug 29, 2020
hey? whats your fav album to ask list questions to for a list?
Aug 28, 2020
great reviews! really underrated account.

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Jul 20, 2020
i dont know what that means sorry
I make hip hop beats every once in a while
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