No.6 Collaborations Project

Ed Sheeran - No.6 Collaborations Project
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The Telegraph

Sheeran has delivered a solid commercial showcase of the power of contemporary pop music brands.

The Guardian

The affable everyman dabbles in grime, hip-hop, balladry and Latino love songs as he zooms down the middle of the road to world domination.


Overall, ‘No 6 Collaborations Project’ is an eclectic mix of songs, some familiar, some forgotten after the first listen and some deeply impactful.

It’s less an album, more a collection of savvy and generally savvy collaborations which blurs traditional genre boundaries unselfconsciously and acknowledges that Latin-pop is the sound of the near-future. Most of the time, it’s a credit to Sheeran’s songwriting skills and well-honed persona.
Rolling Stone

No.6 is defined in large part by Sheeran’s earnest attempts to incorporate hip hop styles and signifiers into his music ... but it’s too big a stretch for him to convincingly pull off.


Its glassy, placid groove isn't a reflection of his blandness, but how Sheeran knows that this is the sound that defines global pop in 2019.

The Observer

A cynic would call this hotchpotch of genres and guests a laser-guided exercise in streaming monopoly, a credibility-by-osmosis playlist primed for summer dominance. And that person would be 100% correct.


Few releases have been as baldly transparent and destined for ubiquity as No.6, which has all the conspicuous mining of a Drake album, but very little of the finesse or cultural fluency.


Because he spent the whole album trying too hard, it falls flat, overall. This is an experiment that could have worked — but, ultimately, didn’t.


The Independent

It would be easier to love the Sheeran who says he bites his nails and tells the truth, if it wasn’t part of so much humblebragging about how much money he’s made and how “gifted” he is.

Slant Magazine

For whatever reason, Sheeran opts to spend the entirety of No.6 Collaborations Project strenuously avoiding his strengths.

Consequence of Sound

On this record, he’s taking a stab at, well, every genre. It doesn’t pay off, though, because this effort results in a sense of emptiness, an abyss of authenticity or real feeling.

Ed Sheeran: HOW DO YA DO FELLOW KIDS?! Would you like to hear my 15 MUSICAL WANK SESSIONS where I feature all these HIP and TRENDY cool artists so I can soak up all the streams?!?!

Wow, this was a disaster.

It seems that Ed Sheeran has figured out his formula to guaranteed success. After spending this decade building up his profile by making some of the most run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter tunes, he now has 65,406,451 monthly Spotify listeners, more than all of your fav artists combined, ... read more
His music before this was bland and boring, but it was his own sound and that’s respectable. This LP is Ed just throwing his artistic credibility out the window and pandering to the commercial audience.
I may express my Doomer mentality a bit too much on this site, but (major label) music is only gonna get worse from here.
EDIT: Now I see the error of my ways. No longer will Ed rein over actual artists. This was not the most exciting release of the week.

I really didn't want to review or even listen to this. Ed Sheeren is an artist that I virtually have no opinions on, due to the fact his blend of Folky stadium rock sounds more like it was aimed directly at my mother. And Jesus did this thing stink a mile away. This is some of the worst features i've seen all year. Justin? A Boogie wit da Hoodie? Eminem? Bruno ... read more
MFW Ed Sheeran say "Hey Dude" in the Yesterday Movie Trailer: 😂😂😂😂

Honestly I really wish this was good, like don't get me wrong. Most Ed Sheeran sucks, but like, Ed Sheeran ft. Young Thug. That's like an Aerosmith/Run-DMC tipe thing. But then I realized those bands probably cared about that song, and everyone on this album sells their features like it's an Audrey 2. I'm pretty sure I could go to Fiverr right now and buy a Travis Scott verse for less then it would cost ... read more
This new Ed Sheeran...IT’S NOT GOOD (explosions)

An easy way to determine if a song is bad is if it’s forgettable, guess what this album is filled with? Even with this amount of features and funds avaible Ed surprises no one with making a subpar album.
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Added on: May 23, 2019