Future - Future
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2017 Ratings: #538 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #467
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With exciting production that features his usual cast of ATL tastemakers who are (in some cases) paired with surprising co-producers like Jake One and !llmind, Future has crafted an opus full of bangers.


If he continues to focus in making projects of this caliber and lacing his beats with plenty of Kill Bill sirens, it may not be a stretch to start putting Future Hendrix in the GOAT category.


His latest work will be more than enough to keep his name ringing in the streets, but not enough to have him be immortalized as an urban legend. Not yet, at least.


FUTURE is a fine mix of the stylings of past Futures layered in a rich blend of sounds from a now refined sonic palette. It doesn’t communicate the same intense and complicated emotional concoction that fills his songs when he’s at his most vulnerable and compelling. But it doesn’t have to.


Although Future's typical predilection for sex, drugs, and crime still rules, the inspired production on Future at least makes for an interesting listen.

The Line of Best Fit

FUTURE falls below the mark. What’s important, however, is that Future seems to acknowledge change and reinvention, even if this record doesn’t achieve either.

The 405

After a year of baited breathing, we seem to have arrived at an in-between. There's still plenty of fun to be had in the waiting room, but let's hope he has more in store for the next appointment.

Rolling Stone
Although the 17-track, hour-long affair lasts way too long, Future sounds fully engaged.
Pretty Much Amazing

A sixty-two minute exploration of territory that’s already been covered. With some judicious cutting, a quarter of this album could have been left behind.

Consequence of Sound

Future’s problem is that, like his cohort Drake, he’s drunk on his own myth, and unlike Drake, his (intentionally) limited skill set doesn’t have any obvious backdoors to sneak out of for his career’s third act.

The Needle Drop

Future washes, rinses, and repeats on a new set of merely passable tracks.

Feb 16, 2017
Is Future the Future? Or is this merely how Future sees Future in the Future? We may never know.
Feb 17, 2017
An hour-long record of exactly what you'd expect. Nothing new here, just slightly better production and lots of references to your bitch.
Feb 20, 2017
Autotune and mumble rap, what a masterpiece.
Feb 16, 2017*
EDIT: going back and listening to ds2, it just shocks me how much better he was on the older projects. really, on this new album, he's just not on that level. i get that that run of four projects he had is one of the best ever, but god damn, i can't help but feel like he's holding back.

he's rapping better than he did in evol, purple reign, and project et (thank god) but he's not experimenting nearly as much as he did on honest or 56 nights. it might be an unpopular opinion, but i think the ... read more
Feb 21, 2017*
Future's losing me, man. Yeah, there are some good beats here, and no song is too awful, but there is absolutely nothing truly new or interesting about this project to distinguish it from anything else he's put out over the past few years.

Future is at the adapt or die stage of his career. Newer generation artists like Young Thug and Lil Yachty have leap-frogged him, twisting the autotune-trap style that's made his music popular into something weirder and wilder. If Future continues to insist ... read more
Track List
  1. Rent Money
  2. Good Dope
  3. Zoom
  4. Draco
  5. Super Trapper
  6. POA
  7. Mask Off
  8. High Demand
  9. Outta Time
  10. Scrape
  11. I’m so Groovy
  12. Might as Well
  13. Poppin' Tags
  14. Massage in My Room
  15. Flip
  16. When I Was Broke
  17. Feds Did a Sweep

Added on: February 14, 2017