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Mimikyu -
Don't mind me I'm about to get a little personal and off-the-cuff for a minute. It's been just about a year since the best day in music for me: the release of two albums that I absolutely loved in 2019. One of those albums is Dedicated (the other you ask? I'll give you a hint: an album that you won't hear played at the barbershop).

This album holds a big place in my heart because of how it reminds me of great times I had last year. At this time, I just finished my first year of graduate ... read more
Mimikyu -
Just so I remain active on this site and to control the mental swirling in my head caused by quarantine, I just might endeavor a dive into Jessie Ware's discography and just other reviews in general. I think this album is a good start.

My personal opinion of Ware is that she is one of the most underrated pop artists of the 2010s, which is strange because I thought that she would have been a bigger presence throughout the decade after the release of her debut "Devotion". Ware ... read more
Mimikyu -
After many years since my first listen, I decided to revisit Flockaveli today.

Ad-libs are omnipresent throughout Flockaveli. There is rarely a moment in this 1 hr+ album where you don't hear something like "BOW" or "BRIIIICK SQUUUUAAADDD" or "WAKA FLOCKA". As if the blaring horn instrumentals present in all songs wasn't in-your-face enough, Waka Flocka's ad-libs are also there punching you in the face. This must be what war feels like.

Two minutes into Hard in ... read more
Mimikyu -
My AOTY account's only purpose now is to rate AZIZ's single. Overall, I enjoyed the song! It's a unique mix of Cocteau Twins and trap that works pretty well. I also hear some influence from How To Dress Well's 2010 release "Love Remains" because of the lo-fi aesthetic with muddled yet emotional vocals.

The two distinct parts of the song, which I'll label the life half and the death half, makes for an interesting choice that pays off very well. My only wish is that the song were ... read more
Mimikyu -
AZIZ is holding my family hostage until I review his latest hit single, "A Character of Misguided Ambition".

I enjoyed it overall. The track is a good length for what it is: a lo-fi, bizarro, chopped and screwed banger. The LIL UGLY MANE influence is heavy but I don't see it as a bad thing because AZIZ is probably still developing his own sound within this woozy brand of hip hop. As long as AZIZ is having fun and releases my family, he should continue to refine his sound so that he ... read more
Jun 6, 2020
Hello There! I have a new song out called "Lucy" it's not gonna be on my new album, but hopefully you will still like it

Anyways, here's the link to listen: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qeo8QhWkJ7UY-s2lgSDFeee71RjDcZZ-

May 15, 2020
Hello, Malneezy here! I just released a EP with some throwaway tracks and would appreciate if you could give a listen! <3
To listen: https://soundcloud.com/user-883091816/sets/throwaways-pt-1-ep

Review here: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/240521-malneezy-throwaways-pt1.php
May 9, 2020
What modern band/artist can you confidently say will leave a mark in the landscape of music as we know it? In 10-20 years time, we will reminisce over their addition to music and consider them a "LEGEND", as we do for Bowie, Jimi, Beatles, N.W.A., etc.
Apr 29, 2020
I'm sorry for the delay but I've finally gotten around to updating the list
Apr 17, 2020
Hi there! I accidentally deleted my Fetch the Bolt Cutters review (instead of 'editing' it) and I'm quite pleased with it, would you mind giving it another look? I don't expect a like, just a read my friend!
Apr 16, 2020
Apr 15, 2020
Hiya, what is a song you hate that's on an album you love? It's for a list, goes without saying at this point. :)

Whenever I feel like it lmoa
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