Mac DeMarco - 2
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2012 Ratings: #180 / 928
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2012 Ratings: #26
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Beats Per Minute

Free of any hip genre-signifiers, 2 sees DeMarco find his home in an endless jangle, humming down the Main Street of your brain with a guitar slung over his shoulder.


He's still not entirely upfront, but he has a knack for building songs where the realness of his subject matter lies just below the surface. 


What '2' makes clear, quickly, is that DeMarco is a skilful songwriter.

No Ripcord

Compared to Rock and Roll Night Club, 2 is a more polished and refined take on his brand of minimalist rock, structured around his keen songwriting.


There is something unique about Mac DeMarco in 2012, his sound is very traditional in both form and style but there is a very refreshing quality at the heart of 2.

Time Out London

The whole thing is breezy and effortless – just pretty little nuggets of melody and ennui.

The Line of Best Fit

In an era of indie rock that’s very much about mixing and matching precisely chosen influences, there’s some thrilling about the way Mac DeMarco’s best work sounds like no one but Mac DeMarco.

The Fly
Mac DeMarco seems plenty cocksure. There’s a self-assured streak that keeps the 22-year-old Canadian’s second album on an even keel throughout.

Mac DeMarco may assume a trashy façade, but beneath that lies a genuinely talented songwriter who writes what he knows and keeps us entertained while he does it.

The 405

Every song is fascinating in that no matter how much the meaning of each track seems obvious, there will be something new to consider or understand after every listen.


DeMarco is still a befuddling character, but the compressed landscape of 2 takes steps away from his cartoonish beginnings toward something equally strange, but possibly more grown up.

Consequence of Sound

He owns these songs of slackerhood completely, delivering a lean collection of 11 that concisely communicate the nature of the 20-something daydreamer – no more, no less.


It angers and delights in equal measures, and without the try-hard imagery the record wouldn’t stand out quite as much.

The Guardian

It manages to sound refreshing, perhaps because the ground covered here is so far off rock's current beaten track.

Feb 1, 2015
There isn't a whole lot I need to say. If you love relaxing and listening to music at the same time, this is definitely your album. There's something so soothing about Mac's voice + Mac's guitar tone.
Fav Songs: Dreaming, Freaking Out The Neighborhood, Ode To Viceroy, My Kind Of Woman, Still Together
Jan 9, 2018
A quite enjoyable release from Mac DeMarco. Nothing too extraordinary here, just an enjoyable jangle pop album with some great tracks.
Feb 3, 2016
The album that propelled Mac into the conscious of the indie world. 2 is an undeniably charming effort carried by sweet guitar melodies. This one is a personal favorite of mine.
Ode To Viceroy

Essential Tracks - Cooking Up Something Good // Freaking Out The Neighborhood // Ode To Viceroy // My Kind of Woman
Mar 16, 2015
I love the feel of this album, its so laid back and easy going. All you wanna do when listening to it, is to hangout in the sunshine and drink beer. Also, i could listen to "Freaking Out The Neighborhood" over and over.

Favorite momets: Freaking Out The Neighborhood, The Stars Keep On Calling Your Name, My Kind Of Woman.
Oct 21, 2017
Cooking Up Something Good - 83
Dreaming - 79
Freaking Out the Neighbourhood - 91
Annie - 78
Ode to Viceroy - 89
Robson Girl - 78
The Stars Keep On Calling My Name - 88
My Kind of Woman - 85
Boe Zaah - 53
Sherill - 59
Still Together - 84
Track List
  1. Cooking Up Something Good 
  2. Dreaming 
  3. Freaking Out The Neighborhood 
  4. Annie 
  5. Ode To Viceroy 
  6. Robson Girl 
  7. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name 
  8. My Kind of Woman 
  9. Boe Zaah 
  10. Sherrill 
  11. Still Together

Added on: October 15, 2012