AOTY 2023
Leah Kate - Super Over
Leah Kate terrorized the music industry a year ago when she released the infamous "Twinkle Twinkle Little Bitch". Today, Leah returns and surprisingly for the better?

'Super Over' isn't a great album but that's ok. The album is pure pop rock fun from beginning to end, though it's a bit bloated.

The lyrics, well let's disregard that because I'd probably rate it a 4/10 or even lower but if you're looking for a campy, angsty & sassy time, look no further.

Best tracks: Bored, ... read more

Addison Rae - AR
I don't care what anyways says. This is pure pop perfection. The melodies & production are just so addictive.

The only dud is the last track "it could've been u" which should've been replaced with "Mind On Me".

Best tracks: I Got It Bad (the OG version is so much better tho), 2 die 4 (was afraid charlis addition was gonna ruin the song but damn she really nailed it), nothing on but the radio & obsessed

Easily their best & most consistent release since IT'Z ME.

Unfortunately that's not saying much though considering how lackluster, noisy & messy their discography is. Nevertheless, it's got fun catchy bops scattered throughout.

If you get it, then you get it. Otherwise it'll sound like noise (which they're notoriously known for).

Best tracks: CAKE (Fifth Harmony - Worth It 2.0) & None of my Business
Fine tracks: Bet on me & Killshot

aespa - MY WORLD
Hands down their most consistent & enjoyable project to date. Every song is a worthy addition to aespa's already versatile discography.

Best tracks: My World, Spicy & Thirsty
Worst tracks: None

Loren Gray - Guilty
Loren Gray, the OG TikTok queen finally releases her debut album after hundreds of delays.

'Guilty' isn't meant to be risky or innovative. It's a simple pop album which works well with its gorgeous melodies & clean-cut production.

The lead single "Guilty" was a letdown as I was expecting another bop like "Piece Of Work", but instead we got a heartfelt ballad which I later came to love. I just can't get over the cringey "No, the polygraph don't lie" ... read more

Ellie Goulding - Delirium
'Delirium' is like manufactured pop on steroids. It's sugary, it's repetitive & it's extremely catchy.

Before I go into more detail, can we first talk about "On My Mind"? That song is a BANGER. It's a chaotic adrenaline rush from start to finish. Pop perfection.

At first, I did not enjoy the album as much due to the length, but once you digest each song, you'll realise that each have their own speciality.

Sometimes you just need to turn off your brain for a sec & just enjoy ... read more

Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven
Ellie Goulding returns with an album packed full of shimmering & energetic pop songs.

Despite the album's rocky rollout, the end result is a sugar rush from start to finish. Every song here is worthy of admiration. From the pure synth pop bliss of "By The End Of The Night" which borders on The Weeknd to the tropical trap anthem "How Long", Ellie showcases her fantastic ear for pop music.

As Ellie describes it best, it's a galactic pop album backed by glittery synths ... read more

Gia Woods - Heartbreak County, Vol. 2
Gia Woods does it again!

On her 3rd EP, Gia sacrifices some catchiness for more experimental/fun/hyper tracks and thankfully, it's still a damn good time! Every track here incoporates some pulsating/throbbing beat intertwined with short bursts of euphoric melodies.

As seen in the artwork, Gia not only explores her sexual/fun persona but also dips into her melancholy and chaotic side. My favorite tracks are the more down-tempo/bittersweet tracks where Gia's euphoric melodies and raspy voice ... read more

Nina Nesbitt - Älskar
Nina...what the hell happened?

I was really looking forward to a pure dance-pop album after she dropped the fantastic bops "Summer Fling" & "L.AB." but unfortunately, she took the wrong direction with 'Älskar'.

Though not bad, the tracks mend together into one big long slob of a song. Sure the songs are more personal & heartfelt but in return, she sacrificed experimentation & melodies instead of integrating these elements.

Nice to listen as background ... read more

Mabel - About Last Night…
Filled with sass and banging beats, Mabel does what she does best. Sometimes you just need a little more pop music to sparkle up your day.

Melodies glide through your ears like a breeze, production hits like no other (thanks to the expensive budget) and her vocals are on point. What more could you want from a pop album?

I get a rush of dopamine when the intro transitions to "Animal". Also, I actually like every single track on here except for the horrendous "Deal Or No ... read more

aespa - Savage
It's a little too noisy in a lot of tracks especially the first track. But nevertheless, there are some nice melodies / experimental productions to enjoy.

"Savage" is basically a hip-hop/hyper-pop version of the R&B "Next Level" with it's similar contorted song structure and repetitive chorus. It's clearly the most experimental track here but it lacks a good chorus and melodies.

Best track here is "Lucid Dream". A wonderful low-key synth-pop R&B anthem ... read more

ITZY - Crazy In Love
I can't believe ITZY use to be one of the most promising K-pop girl groups of the 21st century after they introduced us with their deliciously catchy tracks: DALLA, ICY & WANNABE. However, ever since NOT SHY, their quality has dipped tremendously.

It's the same with every other group out there - LOONA, EVERGLOW etc. Yikes.

This album was no expection in the dip of quality. The only salvagable tracks here are the synth-poppier tracks "Soooo Lucky" "Love Is" and ... read more

Tove Lo - Cool Girl (Nora En Pure Remix)
Surprisngly a very fresh & atmospheric remix of Lo's 2016 banger "Cool Girl". Not too safe & not too repetitive, the remix does its job of being a club-friendly dance-party bop. Personally, I think it's gonna be overplayed in a lot in clubs soon.

The extended mix is even better & more atmospheric however the last few minutes was a little underwhelming & unnecessary (as expected due to typical structure of buildup, drop & fade).

Maty Noyes - The Feeling's Mutual
After a 6 year struggle with her record label, Maty has finally released her debut album. Thankfully, it was well worth the wait.

If you're not a fan of pop music, you'll probably not like this, but if you are, like me, you'll probably enjoy this. I recommend listening to "California Palms" first since it's the most instant & accessible track here.

Maty actually made over 10 or so iterations of this album (it was originally titled 'I Write My Own Songs') over the course of 5 ... read more

CHVRCHΞS - Screen Violence
Synthpop mainstays CHVRCHES, achieve a bold & melodic return to form in their new album.

With only 10 tracks, the band manages to effectively utilise every second of each song.

The era started off fine with the more generic tracks: "He Said She Said" & "Good Girls" however, once they dropped "How To Not Drown", there was an immediate fascination on what the record would sound like.

And thankfully, CHVRCHES' new direction did not disappoint.The band ... read more

Maisie Peters - You Signed Up For This
Maisie Peters (or should I say the new generation's Lily Allen) let's everyone know that she's a force to be reckoned in her debut album.

Though quite safe & generic all through & through, Maisie's tongue in cheek, self-reflective & catchy writing shines throughout on this record.

Whether it's a song that sounds like 4 songs meshed together in one (the title track) or a synthpop banger (John Hughes Movie), there's always a good amount of Maisie's wonderous personality & ... read more

Tinashe - 333
Tinashe does it again. Arguably, the most talented artist on the planet (yes!), Nashe proves once again, that she can & will ALWAYS deliver.

Just when you thought she couldn't evolve any further, in '333', Nashe explores new sounds ranging from Synthpop to Neo-Soul to Funk to Art Pop & more.

All tracks are above average even in safer/more generic tracks like "Pasadena". Nashe's voice which can ameliorate ANY song In an instant is partially responsible for this, however it is ... read more

This is ok but Jack, seriously man, STOP it. STOP polluting the pop world with your monotonous and boring (sorry) production.

It was fantastic for one album (NFR) and good for the next (folklore), but anything more is just a PAIN to listen to.

It's like they say pop artist's music always sounds the same because they're manufactured but in this case, it's Jack's production credits appearing in nearly every female album possible.

Tinashe - Aquarius
At the age of 13, this was the first R&B album I've ever listened to.

I'll never forget the first time I listened to "Aquarius" & "Cold Sweat" (with earphones thankfully) They were like musical revelations to me & triggered something in my brain. The album truly made me appreciate music.

It was at that moment, I knew R&B was going to be one of my favourite genres ever.

The 1-2-3-4-6-7 punch of tracks (excluding the dud "How Many Times") were just ... read more

Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise
Slayyyter returns with a one-of-a-kind debut album!

Catherine moves away from her usual Britney Spears/Paris Hilton inspired sound (thank god) and gracefully shifts into her own.

She excels at her lighter pop tracks such as "Clouds" or "Letters", however Catherine does not discriminate as she lets her inner demon shine on tracks like "Self Destruct" and "Venom".

She sprinkles a little of everything into each song and that's what makes the album so ... read more

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