MGMT - Congratulations
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Based on 26 reviews
2010 Ratings: #486 / 833
Year End Rank: #25
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Based on 208 ratings
2010 Ratings: #70
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From the opening moments of the sublime “It’s Working” all the way to the titular closer, Congratulations is an incredible follow-up from a band that is still maturing into some unknown entity.

American Songwriter

MGMT plots a strange course for their listeners with Congratulations, but the material here often exceeds that of the band’s initial full-length.


In the absence of Oracular’s pulsing, dance-ready synth-pop, Congratulations takes its cues from the cosmic-charged psychedelia of that album’s latter half.

Tiny Mix Tapes

While the only ostensible reason for MGMT’s stylistic 180 is to seem less like a lightweight pop act, the songs on Oracular were far more engaging and better written than almost anything here.

Jul 2, 2015*
After the nostalgia-fueled, mainstream hit that was Oracular Spectacular, MGMT defy all odds of what they were stereotyped to be by releasing this kaleidoscopic creature that caters to those looking for something a bit more in neo-psychedelia than just a catchy, friendly tune. Thankfully it's not just the breathtaking production from Sonic Boom that pushes this to great heights. Risks like the lengthy, progressive song structures and the larger focus on making a more cohesive album with the ... read more
Apr 2, 2015
knew about MGMT and the album for so long, but never listened to anything besides Electric Feel and Pieces of What. That was a mistake.
Dec 4, 2013
Best Track: It's Working, Flash Delirium, or Siberian Breaks
Worst Track: Brian Eno
Most Overrated Track: Song For Dan Treacy
Most Underrated Track: Someone's Missing
Jan 18, 2017
Back in 2010, I heard about this album. My friend said me that this one was a big step forward for the guys of 'Kids' and 'Time to Pretend', MGMT. I ignored him. How somebody who made a bad album as Oracular Spectacular make something good?. I was so, so wrong, jesus. 5 years had to pass to decide to give an opportunity to Congratulations.

Favorite tracks: It's Working, Siberian Breaks, Lady Dada's Nightmare, Flash Delirium, I Found a Whistle, Congratulations.
Oct 9, 2016
Why did I even pay attention to the critics?
Track List
  1. It's Working
  2. Song for Dan Treacy
  3. Someone's Missing
  4. Flash Delirium
  5. I Found a Whistle
  6. Siberian Breaks
  7. Brian Eno
  8. Lady Dada's Nightmare
  9. Congratulations